Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Wrong! You Got It Wrong Again Pat!

Pat Buchannon. Pat is Pat- unpredictable and sometimes so so right, and yet other times he can be so wrong. The so called Palestinians living in the gaza Strip are livng on land that was ceded to the then-new Israel. Israel won the war (period). Why do some of us refuse to admit the Jewish people returned and demanded to have the land that was wrongfully taken from them? The modern-day Palestinians are not even remotely related to the original people of the biblical Palestine. The vast majority of them are descendents of people who were physically kicked out of Greece- nomadic people who have roots in other places, while the Jews have their roots for thousands of years right where they are at, and deservedly so. None of the Palestinians can trace their roots back to the Gaza strip prior to 1948.
Secondly, the nomads were allowed by Israel to live along the Strip because they had no place to go- most are of the Muslim faith and since 1960’s they have been infiltrated by radicals who hate the Jews. These radicals have over powered and indoctrinated the nomads with lies and jihad tactics, finally winning the majority on their government. BUT/AND all peoples deserve the government that they have (yes, us too), and they should all be held accountable for the “official” actions of their elected representatives. The nomads greatly outnumber the radical terrorists and if they decided to gather their wits about them they could change their leadership. Meanwhile, the Israelis have every right to do as they see fit to protect their own.
Actually, the blockade is the most human thing they could possibly do. Imagine the eventual repercussions if Israel did not have any kind of a blockade. The radicals in the Gaza Strip would be armed up the ying-yang by rogue Islamic states (and North Korea), and the war would be on big time. Israel would then have to bomb the crap out of the Strip, killing many peoples. They are dammed if they do and dammed if they don’t.
They have been exercising patients and restraint for decades; far more restrained then we would have ever been. Imagine if rogue terrorists moved in and took over in Tijuana, then began bombarding San Diego with mortars and other armaments. How long would we tolerate it? Israel has tolerated these minions for decades. Radical Islam is using the nomads and the answer as to how to fix the problem is to annihilate the area.
You have a better idea? Anyone make a case for the Jews leaving their rightful homeland? I firmly believe every body politic is deserving of whatever leadership they have, and they should reap the rewards or the consequences of what they export.

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