Sunday, June 06, 2010

One World Order; just some thoughts

From Pao to Hitler; Ancient Greece and Rome to Modern Islam- what is it about world unification that brings the worst out of mankind? From Dante to Pol Pot, all leftist movements have at least one precept in common- a singular world government.

Kant's three articles for a unified world w/Perpetual Peace and Universal Order (1795):
1.The Civil Constitution of Every State Should Be Republican
2.The Law of Nations Shall be Founded on a Federation of Free States
3.The Law of World Citizenship Shall Be Limited to Conditions of Universal Hospitality

Saadi, in about 1195, penned the following poem in support of an Islamic united world:
Of One Essence is the Human Race,
Thusly has Creation put the Base.
One Limb impacted is sufficient,
For all Others to feel the Mace.
The Unconcern'd with Others' Plight,
Are but Brutes with Human Face.

Wendell Wilkie described in his “ONE WORLD” book (1943), in detail Ulysses Grant’s words, “"I believe at some future day, the nations of the earth will agree on some sort of congress which will take cognizance of international questions of difficulty and whose decisions will be as binding as the decisions of the Supreme Court are upon us."
There are political philosophies built on One World Oder, such as Legal Realism and highly motivated religious ideals of unification, such as Islam’s Caliphate (watch out for universal acceptance of a new and more aggressive Arab League, possibly enjoining with the Organization of the Islamic Conference).
There’s a world Constitution, a World Court, and of course, the near neutered United Nations and its Parliamentarian Assembly. There’s a unification of African states, and a South American Nations. And let’s not forget the United States of America, who is at least partially responsible for nearly all unifications around the world since WWI. We’ve got the World Federalist Movement, the World Passport, and the internet where English and French are fighting for world language dominance.
Are these precursors to a united world? Can we all join hands and live as world citizens (ala. Star Trek)?
And let’s not even start on the dollar; the rest of the world manufactures our one-hundred dollar bill almost as fast as we do.
Is the One World Order coming? And, can it work? Who does it work for? Us? Third World countries? Communists? Nationalists? Can you imagine the United Nations being the power that Ohio petitions to seed one of their streams? Remember that “interesting” accent you had to endure the last time you called the Microsoft help desk? Try driving over from Grand Township, OH to Columbus to the local U.N. Administrative outpost to acquire a hunting license! Or even better, imagine every town in America over 10,000people having its own special U.N. office; imagine the paperwork. Oh, no. Not paperwork; imagine everything-government being conducted on the internet.. Of course, that’s it- each and every household, every hotel and every prison, every restaurant, roadside reststop, every KOA campground, would have a computer room. Even better- everyone by their 11th birthday will be required to have an internet-ready device on their person at all times.
I could go on at book length in describing the complications of a singular world government; how many years/decades would it take for a world of cultures to mesh close enough to streamline services?
All of this sound ridiculous? Socialism. Our Supreme Court responding to International Law. There’s 24 significant international treaties set into place just this century, and thousands that are current; imagine the bureaucratic payroll. How long will it take to get a tooth pulled?
If the current regime in the White House was allowed to complete their vision, what kind of world would it be? Is that what you want? Think: The World Unification Dream (WUD) is that one precept that all leftist/fascist/statist movements have in common.
Please think. Otherwise, drop that sharp poker and step back from the ballet box.

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