Wednesday, June 09, 2010

California is Set For Governor's Race; Oh My God!

Oh I am so proud to be a Californian! The voters have spoken and we now have two wonderful candidates for the Highest office in this great state: Meg “The Peg” Whitman vs Jerry “Moonbeam” Brown.
Could I be happier? Damn right! How about Elmer Fudd vs Olive Oyl.
We Californians are in one fine mess and these two are the best we could come up with? Moonbeam? Holly crap! Have we ever had a worse fiscally skilled governor than Moonbeam? Leadership? Ha! – Moral and accountable leadership? Ha! I remember the tryst between Moonbeam and Linda Ronstadt in their version of African Queen on the Nile – The Swinging Safari.
Jerry Brown yells out, “No New taxes!” Huh? No one believes that, right? Apparently you do Mr. and Mrs. Sunshine. “No driver’s license for illegal’s!” Really? Yea, I believe that, because there will first be blanket amnesty – and you can forget the fence! “Down-size government,” says the chameleon former governor, former mayor and Attorney General, former three-time candidate for President, and state senate. How long now before his next trip to the Jesuit Seminary as a prospective Priest?
“Chameleon?” Who do I think I am calling the next Governor a chameleon? Who else has greater claim to that label? Who else has reinvented themselves more often than Moonbeam? A Republican? Yea sure. And such an indictment explains the wickedness of California politics.
Jerry has ZERO political mores and cannot explain any form of political thought, particularly one that would justify his long and inconsistent voting record: He campaigned strongly against Proposition 13, but then after it passed he was a born-again fiscally responsible tax-cutter in bed with Howard Jarvis (until Jarvis came out of his drunken stupor). A moderate conservative; measured against what?
Yea, I remember when Jerry said we (the voters of California) needed to lower our expectations. Well, apparently we have. Shall we see another appointed Jane “Hanoi” Fonda or Rose Bird? I don’t need time to decide that questions because I remember the history, our truest yard stick.
What gets measured gets better, but not if that which is measured determines the yard stick. Obviously, in today’s wacky world of California politics Jerry Brown is the changeling yard stick.
Oh, I forgot all about Meg Whitman, .. and so will the voters.

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