Friday, June 11, 2010


I can tell (many of) you speak from experience and from a mixture of emotions (from fondness to bitterness, as most of us with some life behind us do). I can also tell you probably come from a working background, and it is among that working class that you (we) will find a few who try their darndest to NOT contemplate*; contemplate, not for tomorrow's sake, but because of what could have happened yesterday. Non-contemplators despise contemplators, because of bitterness over the (perceived) past. Then, among "them" sits us -people like you and me- who revel in reality, good or bad, right or wrong- reality is were some of us have no choice but to live and exist. Contemplators, like you and me, are unable to experience apathy; we are unable to give ourselves that luxury.
HOWEVER, as a body politic we (the people) are in the late stages of a political wagon wheel that has played out in many past democracies: They have always progressed through a sequence that includes politico "apathy." That sequence goes from bondage to spiritual faith; to great courage; to liberty; to abundance; to complacency; to apathy; and dependence, then back into bondage"
We collectively are hitting the Dependency Stage now (coming on since Wilson), and the reality you and I eat for breakfast is about to give us indigestion.
But take heart, folks at about my age (55) just may live long enough to actually see this cycle once again hit the edges of liberty. That part of the cycle is likely to come on relatively quickly because of stubborn libertarians like you, and me.

*Two kind of 45+“contemplators:” 1) those who think about what life should have been; and 2) those who think over the past in order to master the future. The first group is bitter over not getting what they dreamed of in their younger life, and the second group is planning the demise of their competitors. Group one is sitting back and slowing down in their life due to frustration and/or circumstances such as less-than successful children and poor planning for old age. Group Two has either no children or reasonably successful adult kids, and they are looking for ways to express their new-found freedom from previous liabilities. The so-called middle class has Group One in its center with a few from Group Two. The upper middle class has Group Two within its center, with a few being from Group One.


  1. My Google alert for "John Quincy Adams" has brought me to your site before. I'm an actor of solo history - JQA is one of my men. Mainly, I live in the Past. See:
    So: Our President is a disappointment to you? I found his predecessor an embarrassment. Yet, always remained aware of the historical example of President Lincoln - one of our most hated presidents. I recalled my parent's vehement derision of Truman who was followed by "Dopey" Dwight Eisenhower. We can have our opinions; it would be interesting if we could read the later judgement of history. Just now, I'm reading "Jefferson vs. Adams" (2004) I think you would enjoy it. How we got through those perilous times is a mystery.

  2. “Jefferson vs. Adams’ is in my library, and in short- While I have to admire Adams for his undying attempt to end slavery, Jefferson’s intellect was on a whole different plain than Adams’. While I consider myself to be a spiritual man, Adams was “held back” (in my opinion) because of his fervent, unbending religious zealousness. But, to the credit of both of them, they filled all the necessary needs for their time; both were vital to the creation of a united America.
    I am not disappointed with President Obama; I knew exactly who and what he was from the very beginning, and he has been quite .. predictable.
    And, yes, I too found President Bush to be an embarrassment. Bush, being held up by the progressive media as the leader of conservatism, paved the way for Obama and his entitlement/positive law desires. In Bush’s defense, he was too stupid to “see” that he was used by the progressive/statist left; not just at the very end, but throughout his presidency. But, I also believe Bush had intentions of classic American leadership; Obama, on the other hand, has a bit more innovation in his Niebuhristic HOPE message.


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