Sunday, June 20, 2010

STOP, Look, and Listen, to ourselves

Eckhart Tolle’s success is because of our personal failure to ourselves. We, individually and collectively, are starving ourselves of spiritual needs. Societal pressures are getting to some of us and we are ignoring our own personal internal needs; denying there is any need to feed our soul. Pressure all around us is screaming, screaming from our left shoulder and from our right shoulder: from our left shoulder comes PC, man-made (institutionalized) behavioral demands; and from our right shoulder comes a more classic message of renown.
Right now, the left shoulder message is screaming and it’s hard to bring ourselves to a STOP, and just listen- listen to the quiet message of peace and understanding and Truth.
Just for a moment, stop, and ponder the wisdom of Solomon. Please, right now, dust off that old Bible and read the Book of Solomon < > written 700-900 years before Jesus’ time – 900 years, nearly 3000 years ago.
Then, after your reading, think of this: is the wisdom of our founders, just 220 years ago, so old and antiquated that it must be irrelevant? We must STOP and rethink the wisdom of those who came before. Our lives have been far too soft for us to even begin to think we have a better answer.
Please, let’s relearn the respect of experience, for the road to Liberty begins with conservative (careful) contemplation.

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  1. Spirituality has always been a significant part of man's polity, and it obviously will always be. Why is that? I believe there are seeds of spirituality embedded deep within our being; perhaps even DNA/markers. So the question is whether or not we choose to water those seeds -- shall we decide to nourish those seeds with the filtered nutrition of renowned wisdom, or shall we leave them to grow wild, influenced by what’s blowing in the wind, off of our left shoulder?
    Ego is a dangerous thing.


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