Thursday, May 06, 2010

Political Guilt; racial legacy

I bet there are many working political scientists sitting back and watching with great historical interest as man-made institutions, formerly set on saving everyone, develop noticeably shaky knees.
Many countries are already toppled, they just don’t know it yet. Economic bandaid after economic bandaid have been propping up much of Europe. Russia has been printing paper for years adding to a near unsustainable level propped up internationally only by inflationary oil prices (they will make a few cool million on our oil-in-the-Gulf fiasco as suppliers take advantage by playing with upward pricing).
And what about America?
Those of us who have been paying attention know our current regime had in-coming hopes of knocking our economy down a few notches, slowing its’ long-term growth, in hopes of allowing a redistribution of world wealth by artificially propping up marginal countries. But I think this orchestrated (yes, I said orchestrated) drop in our economy has had deeper effects around the world than the Obamamites anticipated. Thus, the search for a culprit by our progressive-led Congress, as in the Goldman-Sachs hearing, continues.
Goldman-Sachs’ total contribution to the fallen real estate market is only about 2% with the vast majority of the faltering coming from those who were “fat” with subprime mortgages (some bought via packaged deals on the open market by Greece).
Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac; need I say these GSE’s were up to about 90% control of the nation’s secondary mortgage market? To put that into perspective, these two institutionally created artificial lenders had a total asset report that neared 50% larger than their closest private-market American bank. And, as these secretive government-made giants worked in the shadows, their potential negative effects on the world market were well known by our leaders. Even President Bush (remember him, the moronic, oil-drilling, coke snorting drunk) tried back in 2003-4 to convince the Democrat-led Congress to rein in the high risk actions of the GSE’s, and he tried six more times. But Barney and his congressional friends, including Barack Hussein Obama, protected Fannie and Freddie from being scrutinized equally with their private industry equivalents, refusing to require internal disclosures and doing everything they could to lower individual qualifications for home and property loans. This, my friends, was the beginning of what we are now experiencing, globally.
Will we take on some of the responsibility for Greece? I will be surprised if we don’t. In fact, a few billion of our newly printed paper money has already gone to Europe, and there will be more even if we don’t hear of it. Why? Guilt. Guilt felt by our bleeding heart President*.
President Obama has a huge problem to deal with, and deal with it he must. But what tools does he have at his disposal? What internal constitution does he possess? I believe him to be a man of integrity in his own mind. I believe he has the weight of every poor child in the world on his over-sized heart; I believe him to be a sincere man. But so was Carl Marx as he exclaimed Man to be fully capable of realizing maximum human potential with liberty founded on pure equality. What? Doesn’t that sound like the “change” rhetoric of our President? Our President is not yet internally mature. He has some conflicting philosophies deeply embedded in his heart and mind: Black Theology and Niebuhrism.
"Advancement cannot be made without casualties, improvements require boo-boos, nothing comes without a price, and there’s no free lunch. Think- not everyone can be saved by institutional legislation."
You'd think evolutionists would understand this concept.

*(For an explanation of Niebuhrism see: < >)


  1. Americans need to get ready for very hard times. Prepare, people! We're going to become Greece.

  2. All because of guilt and glutony. Such things permeated in Hollywood for decades and now it is mainstream, and all because of how we have allowed the medai to make us feel over slavery and its reminiscent racism on both sides.
    On the one hand, liberals refuse to learn from history, and on the other they seem to be still living in the past.


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