Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Socialism is Anti-Biblical

If we want to use biblical concepts, salvation is on an individual basis. And, thusly, one’s relationship with God is individualized and personal. With this understood, then it also must follow that the flow of sovereign authority is on an individual level and endowed rights flow via that sovereignty.
With the above understood, President Obama’s logic is faulty in that his support for being his brother’s keeper cannot translate in him using the force of government to make others also support his fellow brother(en). Biblical passages of sharing and caring for one’s neighbor is analogous to direct help from one who feels the need and desire to help from deep within one’s heart (personal conviction/charity); actions of a Christian nature. “That’s mighty Christian of you, sir,” use to be a common way to say, “thank you.”
Jesus never demonstrated support for forced labor or forced participation. He never bugged anyone into believing in Him or doing his good work. Giving, other than from the heart, is empty, just as believing merely due to a lack of choices (truth and knowledge) is also absent charity (love). Any government that can give also has the power to take and is incompatible with biblical teachings. As noted in “The Law” (Bastiat), plundering is a sin no matter whom or what does it.
Government force is always a degree of fascism, whether it is done with or without a nice smile. And Jesus was clearly not a fascist. So the next time someone tells you Jesus was a liberal, please, take great offense to their insinuation and pull out your own “scourge of chords.”
These are trying times, particularly since the revolutionaries took over the White House by playing on the fears and ignorance of the poorest and most modest among us.

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