Tuesday, April 20, 2010

No Need To Worry, Mr. Clinton

President Clinton recently expressed his concern about violent behavior potentially coming from conservatives; no need to worry Mr. President, at least not about classic conservatives.

Classic conservatism demands the qualities of love/charity, a part of conservatism progressives cannot comprehend. They look at conservatives through their own personal filters, filters that are not controlled by laws above their worldly fears. To them, a conservative must be one who's merely stingy; that’s why they refuse to compute that the most giving in our society are those who are also religiously active- whose internal spiritual seeds have been watered and fertilized.

Progressives fear conservatives because they harbor resentment for a conservative’s motivations which cannot be justified in terms of physical possessions. We know there is a power greater than ourselves who we will answer to; progressives envy our contentment even as they search for happiness.

The Essence of Conservatism < http://www.kirkcenter.org/kirk/essence-1957.html > -“Real community is governed by love and charity, not by compulsion. ... Conservative principles shelter the hopes of everyone in society. ...”

Our founders even went as far as to suggest Christianity itself is not a necessary practice for one to have beliefs compatible with the common law and Americanism. Franklin, Sam Adams, and others agreed on a set of 5 fundamental principles based on the “religion of America,” and it was in that same vein that Jefferson created the infamous Jefferson’s Bible. These five principles were the basis of an elementary education (taught by way of the Bible by John Adams when he was a school teacher) and are what makes a conservative the ultimate compassionier:
1. Acknowledge a Creator
2. Nature reveals distinctively right from wrong
3. Nature and Nature’s God holds mankind responsible for how we treat each other
4. Mankind is destined to live after death
5. Mankind will be judged in the next life
(These points can be found in Albert Smyth’s book*, “The Writings of Benjamin Franklin,” Volume 10, pg 84; 1907)
These are the fundamentals of conservatism and it is not likely for one who holds these truths to be Truth, to use unprovoked violence. Does that mean we are destined to blow with the wind and allow others to stomp on such principles? While we are long suffering, even Jesus had enough when he saw the moneylenders using the steps of the Synagogue to fulfill their greed. Notwithstanding, we shall first exhaust all other forms of deliverance, living our lives exemplifying the sanctity of all human life, especially the non-believer.

*Smyth’s book can be found online at books.google.com. It is part of their program to save classic writings.

Sergeant Bruce A. Hedrick, US ARMY, active duty and proud of it

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