Friday, April 02, 2010

The Word Game is Important

Democrat hooey continues to make its mark as they pile more and more disinformation and shovel it out to the people with the help of ignorant and/or ideology-oriented media mouth pieces. The in-the-know conservative intellectuals are still losing ground with the information war, in part, due to the decades of a well laid liberal foundation- still losing ground in spite of the recent surge and involvement of the formerly silent majority. Conservative intellectuals must step up their work, delivering the correct message free of leftist tools and rhetoric.
Mrs. Pelosi and others in the Democrat machine are repeating over and over that health care should be, and now is, a right < and >. Further, they continue to use “democracy” as a descriptive word for our government, a word also similarly misused by many of our Republican leaders. In short, our constitutional republic uses LIMITED, ENUMERATED democratic tools; to shorten this concept to merely saying DEMOCRACY is a bastardization of words and shows intellectual, linguistic laziness on the part of conservative writers.
Modern, Democrat intellectuals have been delivering a high quality progressive-supporting message for many years < > and as conservatives use liberal precepts, the conservative message will be, at best, watered down. Progressives don’t need to pass a certain line to win this war. There’s no need for them to keep score or to meet a hard goal; all they need to do is maintain a degree of complication and doubt within the culture-defining political atmosphere. With this manufactured doubt, the masses will continue in their confusion and frustration, continue with their apathetic lifestyles, and continue –contented- living in the dark.
Most mainstream Americans have not found the opportunity or perceived need to understand the significance and importance of what constitutes a right- this is a significant failing of conservative intellectuals. Further, liberalesk ideas and concepts, promoted by the use of certain buzz words –such as “democracy,” supported by its repetitive use from across-the-board ideological perspectives, is aiding in mainstreaming progressive ideals.
Conservative/libertarian think-tanks like The Heritage Foundation and The CATO Institute are throwing a lot of information out to the public filled with these confusing words and concepts without full disclosure, and this problem only fuels their enemy’s aspiration: to continue with the dumbing down of the American people, to continue chipping away at our constitutional republic, and to build on this ignorance by blaming capitalism, individual rights, and the perceived selfishness of those who dare call themselves, conservative.
The conservative message must be clean, or it will perish. In spite of the childish rhyme, words do hurt, as the modern pen is far mightier than unlearned history.

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