Monday, April 12, 2010

America Supporting World-Wide Eugenics

Anyone follow George Soros? I have to wonder ‘what is he thinking?’
He funds socialism to the hilt here in America while simultaneously warning socialist Europe of impending economic collapse. Huh?
Now, how shall we corroborate his pro socialism stand here in America with his chicken little decries in Europe? What could his agenda possibly be?
What affect does his rhetoric have here on us? We naturally circle the wagons around our immediate family and hoard what wealth we can because our confidence in the markets goes down every time he speaks and/or funds Move On and his many other leftist hobby groups.
And what about in Europe? His preaching of impending doom over there has the very same affect. The people spend less, and markets decline – on both continents, governments have to cut back services, health care quality drops; consumers everywhere become more self-contained and excessive services dwindle.
So now what? Am I getting somewhere? If you are up on “Open Society and Its Enemies,” by Popper and “his” fringe leftist elements that worry about the world's growing population, you just might see where I’m going with this. And if you are aware of George Soros’ Open Society Institute < > and that Popper’s book is their bible, then you have just followed me to the edge of the cliff.
Looks to me like Soros is working his magic in reducing the effectiveness of governments, as well as disrupting what’s left of capitalism, in all their forms, all over the world, to make people more vulnerable. Why? Why would Soros want to knock consumer confidence down? Hmmm.
So what happens when this entire “plan” begins to take its affect on individuals? Okay, you’ve already thunked it- the average death age decreases. Waalaa! Population decrease.
Some of us on this side are going to think this is a good idea! But is it? Does an orchestrated population decrease, based on orchestrated early death, fit into the libertarian mold? The conservative mold? Libertarians want to just be left to their own demise, and conservatism has the “odd” view that human life is sacred. So what form of government, and its imposing life philosophy, stands to gain when folks begin dropping dead at an earlier age? Am I asking the right question?
Anyone seen Logan’s Run recently? Just asking.
This might be news to some of you. But to others, well, some of us apparently are still in a dream world, ignoring what is really staring us in the face. Some of you think I’m nuts to even suggest President Obama would have anything to do with this self-induced social insomniac-like suicide. Some of you will hate me for speaking what you know is the truth. Some of you will take it in a little and ponder it, but not do anything. Some of you will hate me for being what you perceive as a racist because I speak negatively (from your perspective) of America’s first Black (also your perspective) President. Some of you will say “so what, it’s probably a good idea anyway,” not fully seeing how it will come back to bite you. Some of you will refuse to see how this orchestrated process supports a devastating form of socialism and write me off as a political pundit. And some of us, to include me, will be forced to review the most basic of our core beliefs.
Anyone for reading our Science Czar’s latest book and discussing his consideration of forced abortions? Everybody has breezed through Obama’s Global Health Initiative and how it also addresses eugenics, right?
And just before I end this writing I have to add, again, my puzzlement over America’s Black population: Eugenics has been happening among our black citizens for decades; any mathematicians out there able to decipher what percentage of Americans would be black and/or partially black today if the millions of aborted black babies would have been carried to term? President Obama supports your continued minority, less-than-equal, social status.
Yes, democracy is quite complicated in our modern world.
Wasn't it Hitler's Germany that supported ... Just asking.


  1. Anonymous12:37 PM

    For more on abortion and Black Genocide watch the film - Maafa21 (Clip here:

  2. My first compulsion was to not publish the above anonymous response. But, why not- although it is very well presented, what few facts there are, are highly mis-presented and we all should not be afraid to find the truth, even among the lies.
    A piece of me wants to be sympathetic and feel Anonymous' pain. And I certainly do not deny there are pockets of significant prejudice ON ALL SIDES in this country.
    Shall the reader beware; shall we dwell on the sins of the past, or shall we take today for what it is and move forward.
    If any such atrocities as suggested in the above website are currently happening, there are oodles of laws -- report it!


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