Saturday, October 17, 2009

Rant #45 to Congressman Herger

To The Honorable Mr. Herger,
I am finding more and more people who are reading the Constitution, learning/seeking questions about the 17 enumerated powers, Bill of Rights, expressing curiosity about what a republican form of government is, looking into the affects of federalism and how it works relative to state's rights. More and more people are learning what the federal government should and should not be involved in, Sir.
Further, in spite of the Media spotlighting so many HC details and describing it as some sort of national crisis, the people are more and more focused on an even graver, bigger picture, the expansion of Big Brother. As you know, constitutionally, HC reform belongs at the state level and the details of any HC bill at the federal level are not in the proper venue. The Media are acting as cohorts with the Democrat Party, not only by furthering their statist agenda, but by providing cover and concealment during this revolutionary takeover we are currently experiencing, and I am waiting to hear you say as much.
In an odd way, I am glad we have Mr. Obama in the Oval Office; he is waking up the Sleeping Giant, and we need honest conservative leadership leading us back to liberty within our republic. Special freedoms under a rogue system of plundered entitlements will only ensure continued erosions of moral and spiritual virtues.
The concept of Sovereignty puts the people above government, not below it; rights, privileges and authorities flow through Man then to state, then to federal government as per the enumerated powers, checked by the 9th and 10th Amendments. I believe in federalism, not nationalism; I believe in our constitutional republic, not some judicially created socialized democracy. I believe in state’s rights, not nationally created freedoms.
This, Sir, is the message I hope to hear from you in the future.

Respectfully, Bruce A. Hedrick

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