Monday, October 26, 2009

Outfoxing the FOX with Truth, Maybe?

(Mr. Joe Klein is a very important man at Time Magazine and his email information has to be kept secret from the general public; he covers some very controversial subjects and we all know about all those dangerous, terroristic, teabagging, right-wing protesting loons out there. Mr Klein must be protected "for the cause." Thus, I sent the following to Time Magazine's Editor asking politely for it to be redirected to Mr. Klein. Oh how I hope he gets it because I want to hear the details of Fox News' "seditious" actions and all those lies!
But mostly, I just want the Truth.==)

Mr. Klein- I read your recent article, OutFoxed, which raises concerns about the quality and correctness of the news being "reported" on Fox News. I'm concerned, as you are, that Fox News is misleading the general public. However, your article, though well written and filled with inspiration, was void of specificity -perhaps due to space constraints.
I would like to suggest a series of articles from your very able "hand:" Why not do a series of articles entitled "Fox Watch 2012" in which you specifically, and with focus, point out the details in which Fox acts "seditiously?" You are in a wonderful position with all the vast resources of Time Magazine to research and report on correcting the record for us average folks. This will give you the opportunity to bring facts and details and "meat" to your well-presented accusations towards a seemingly partisan news network, who -according to you- has a problem with the truth.
Please, I want to know the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

A reader and concerned citizen- bruce hedrick

end of email==

If Mr. Klein is a real reporter, he will jump at the chance to back up his accusations and save the public from all the lies of Fox News. I am looking forward to his first series' article and will check the news stand regularly. -bruceH

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