Wednesday, October 07, 2009


(Originally posted in December 2008)
Obama revealed in 2007 that his favorite philosopher is Reinhold Niebuhr, a specialist in separating accountability from responsibility, who sees all individual actions as an outgrowth of a flawed society. Niebuhr believes a criminal act is not intended to be as consequential as it often is; that evil can be traced to collective behavior rather than the individual; that the spirit of love supersedes justice; and that the (g)od revealed in nature cannot be a moral God. He actually is not a philosopher, but a theologian -- with some very contradictive concepts in great contrast to common theology (including Black Theology). If Obama was being truthful with this pick as his favorite philosopher, I have to conclude he is far from concluding a decisive thought process/philosophy, and/or he is in the midst of creating his own mix-and-match, succotash style of thinking.

And while we are thinking of Black Theology, if you do a little research on this subject you will find it to be far more politically/power-based rather than religious-based. Why do I reach that conclusion- because Black Theology cannot be construed to be religious-dominate due to its fundamental belief that if the black race is not granted "freedom and racial dominance" by God, then God has to move out of the way – this core belief puts physicality and humanism ultimately above spirituality and the power of God. I might humbly suggest- if a god’s desires keep a (any) race of people subordinate to another race, that god is no god at all, but a figment of a self-imposed underclass’ imagination.

When we put all of this together: Black theology and Niebuhrism, including Mr. Obama’s stated political concepts regarding our flawed Constitution, we have a very complicated, very confused, very dangerous leader of the (formerly?) free world. I could so appreciate someone who is filled with all of these conflicting precepts of philosophy and religion, who is still sitting on the side lines working through his or her own particular answers to life, as a senior in high school. I would love to sit down and discuss a variety of issues and philosophical concepts with someone as open and diverse as this person must be. But a leader of America?

Further, it is also clear this person has yet to come to any conclusive concepts and would be totally vulnerable to their immediate environment, completely unable to morally defend themselves –or justify any substantive conclusions. Thus, in simple terms, a fence sitter; a fence sitting, socialist-leaning, race-dominate flower-child looking at love as the answer to a very volatile, dangerous, teetering world.

If the world was made up of one race, and we all were utopian-minded, love drunk hippies, Mr. Obama would probably fit the role he is in. But we aren’t, and he doesn’t. I fear he will hesitate when the 800 lbs. gorilla knocks down our front door. I fear he will collect a sizable following of love-deprived immature radicals, dissatisfied with their life, looking for Utopia, ala. jiminy cricket syndrome, and he will neuter America. No doubt, the socialist/fascist leaders of the world will wine-and-dine him – lull him into a comfort zone – then pounce with their thirst for cancerous, destructive power.

(Update: I wrote the above and posted it on this blog (see below)last December. Now, in light of what you've now seen from Mr. Obama, has the above writing found justification?)


  1. You echo a lot of what I hear from a few of my friends on twitter but with more details and CLASS! I have a feeling people suck him to him because he represents the elite. That's sad.

    About the only good I see him do? TALK about world peace!

    You only need to look at who his assistants are to get an idea how much more good he can do.

    His enemies will for now, grin and thank him for getting rid of their other enemies. Smile now, pounce later.

    I pray for my American friends....I am in Asia but we're connected by sea and winds!! USA's politics affects other countries more so than most have ever imagined. Chemo machines made in USA - we got them! It's a scary thought!

  2. Thanks for your kind words Kelly. The issue we have here in U.S. goes much deeper than mere policy. Our Founders learned from the Motehr country and from all the mistakes in history. They drew on all the best of what Europe and Asia had to offer and created an entirely new concept called federalism; a concept quite different than nationaism.
    America was also the first country to acknowledge in writing that the people are the sovereigns and they hold enduring, endearing, inalienable rights that cannot be voted or legislated away. But these are the core concepts that President Obama is attacking. Even as Europe is moving more conservative, Obama has us going off a liberal cliff. I am doing my best to respectfully oppose his agenda.
    I cannot in good conscience support using public money for abortion; I adamently disagree with artificial (institutional) redistribution of wealth; I believe private property means allodial-like ownership and it includes the right to protect it; I doo not believe in progressive taxation; I don't believe that we as a nation are arrogant (though some leaders fit that discription); I, unlike Obama, believe in peace through strengh; I believe good fences make for good neighbors, including our national borders; I abhore Obama's nationalistic dreams; and I do not believe any respectable nation can save face while nogotiating with rogue regimes.
    I try my best to not use buzz words and pat phrases and other empty arguments when I express my political dreams. But, the problem with that is there are so few progressive liberals who can do the same and argue for their position.
    Be well my friend.


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