Saturday, August 01, 2009

I Apologize To All Former Presidents For My Tone

(Sent to White House via website on Aug, 1, 2009.)

Mr. Obama- Bills passed and not read is clearly taxation w/o representation, but so is extra-curricular, Executive plundering of the tax base. Usurped powers will be your achilles heel, Sir.
Carter gave us Reagan; I hope you shall give us another Andrew Jackson.
So how is the philosophy of Niebuhr working for you?
Yup, you're right- I'm not a happy camper as you plunder our possessions and trample on our constitutionally guaranteed republic. How long the millions like me sit along the sidelines should be of great concern to you; when I go bankrupt the one last thing I will have to fight for is Liberty.
I am sure I needn't go into the details of your excessive, usurped actions, from stealing from the Chrysler bond holders, to running roughshod over state's rights; you, being a lawyer and professor of constitutionalism, cannot deny its illegalities, nor its immorality.
I plead for you to admit your mistakes in judgment and philosophy turn away from nationalism, and give us our country back; the most powerful public figure in our constitutional republic should be the local sheriff, and not a Wash. DC tyrant.
Your self-identified blackness, along with your socialist desires, will greatly hinder the possibilities of another Black president in the near future; this also bothers me because Alan Keyes has been my pick for president for many years.
There are hundreds of questions I could ask you, and are running through my mind as I write, like: what part of the Constitution allows you, and/or your patsy Congress, to use my tax dollars to help a free-loader buy a new car?? Wasting my time, right?
I oh so wish I could be more respectful. But you, Sir, have overwhelmed the otherwise sacred office you now disrespect. May Washington, Jefferson, Lincoln, Kennedy, Reagan, and all those who came before you, forgive me.
Here's to hoping you are a complete failure- bruceH

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