Sunday, August 09, 2009

No Apologies This Time, Mr. Obama

(Though I haven't posted all my messages to the Whitehouse here, this is my latest one. I implore you to send your daily disgust to the President via snail mail and/or via I abdicate the disclaimer on my previous message below.)

Mr. Obama;

I don’t mind cleaning up after them but don’t do a lot of talking.” “Get out of the way” ??

Are those words from an American President? A patriotic American? You embarrass and disgust me, Mr. Presidente.

I presume you are equating us “mobsters” as part of those who, as you stated it, “created the mess.” Is this really the simple world you see? You actually see all of us who adamantly oppose your agenda of socializing America as a part of the previous administration(s)? (I strongly oppose the collegiate concept of linear politics.)
You are dangerously wrong, Sir, just as your political desire for America is dangerous.
Have you read and studied Tocqueville’s, “America,” and Ayn Rand’s, “Atlas Shrugged” and Plato’s, “Myth of The Cave?” (not to mention, Bradford’s Manuscript, the Federalist Papers, our Declaration, and our Constitution.) Are you so filled with progressivism and Marxism and The Rule of Man, AND of yourself, that you are unable to see the reality of what you are actually doing? Can you not see that you’ve enlarged your pose beyond the very document which created your office?
The world is a better, safer place today because of the philosophies you are trying to bring to an end, Sir. When the “yin” goes, the “yang” shall prevail and we will all be subjects to the Rule of Man- is that your desire? I fear it to be so. I will not submit.
You are able for now to continue your agenda because of the people’s immediate concern for their economic condition; middle America is currently consumed by staying on track with supporting their families and paying their bills. Once that concern diminishes to an acceptable level, either by the economy smoothing out or by its collapse, you will then feel the wrath of what you are now undertaking.
AND, I also think you understand that conundrum, which is why you and your cronies are periodically making moves that keep the economy/market in turmoil. Fact is, the will of the market to “live” is surprising you, and it is throwing a monkey wrench in your plans. You go ahead and just keep playing with it; each time you guys make a shrinking-economy move more and more people are waking up to what you are trying to do.
I pray you are successful, at exposing the dangerous concept of socialism/statism, for that one accomplishment will reinvigorate a respect for our founder’s ideas of republicanism and federalism.
States rights shall prevail.

Signed- bruceH

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