Monday, July 27, 2009

Who Is At fault For The Racial Divide?

Subtitle: Who Is Responsible For Keeping The Black Man Down?

UPDATE: Elie (see next story below) responded with what read with a worrisome tone. No doubt, she is sure anyone who is supporting the actions of Sgt. Crowley is a racist. I am sure the opposite is true. Unfortunately, there are no words in a nice little wrapper that will change the minds of people like Elie. People like Casey Gane-McCalla:

Casey is a perfect example of a para-intellectual. I’ve known and had long quality talks with, several first-generation ACTUAL African-Americans. I’ve met them out here on the road, on college campuses, and yes, even in prison- from all walks in life. The majority of them do not understand the “black” thing. They don’t understand the mindset of the so-called black communities other than to guess the problem has to do with collective self-image. I agree.
Casey, on the other hand, has chosen to jump into that same limiting mindset with both feet. Part of his blinder problem is that he was educated here in America in a politically correct university, and he’s fallen victim to the liberal-slanted, enabling, para-intellectual approach to making excuses for minority- dominated poverty and despair.
Why is it that there are many Blacks living happily ever after in non-poverty, primarily white, communities who have never been arrested. And, for arguments sake, if these “happy” Blacks are “sellouts” how would a passing officer know that and decide to not bother/arrest them?
It is the easy way out for a Black Man to blame his “blackness” rather than to search within for the real answer to his problems. Further, why is it that whites tend to (according to leftist enablers) be apprehensive around a gaggle of Blacks? What gave them the impression that they (the whites) should pay more attention to their purses and other personal effects? Who’s in greater danger here: a Black man walking down the street in a white dominant neighborhood; or a White man walking down the street in a black dominant neighborhood? What about downtown areas that are dominated by one specific race – which neighborhood is the safest? Truth be told, a Black man is safer in the white dominant area also.
The problem is not with the white community; it is deeply embedded inside the hearts and minds of Blacks. Any Black man who tries to bring this problem up is quickly labeled as a “sellout” or an “Uncle Tom” elitist. Any white guy, like me, is an immediate racist, AND bodily harm (for someone) is often imminent if the circumstances are in their favor. Yes, I’ve found that most Blacks, even young ones with their pants down around their ankles, can speak calmly and rationally, often admitting outright the problem is in the Black communities. But if such a discussion is held with one white guy and three or four or more Blacks, the conversation always quickly deteriorates. Sports figures come into the conversation and an attempt is made to establish superiority based on blackness. Mike Tyson is likely to be mentioned, then boxing generally, and then it gets personal.
Elitist -white and black- journalists, and enabling self-appointed leaders like Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Maxine Waters, and the wanna-be leader Casey Gane-McCalla, will continue with their cushy lives, living off the degradation and violence and separatist hopes of the so-called Black community.
The real answer is not in any action I can do, but in the hands of those who insist on being called African-American and/or Black-(something). I hope to see the day when a Black Man can eventually see himself as a Man who just happens to be black. Unfortunately, I thought we were closer a year ago than we are today; Obama’s socialist desires have re-fanned the flames of economic separation and black entitlement. Right now we are marching backwards.

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