Sunday, July 26, 2009

Shame on the Media, and Elie

(Short of time but not of opinion: Got to get this off my chest real quick and I don’t think a full writing of all the lead-up details are needed as this case is all over the media. I received an email from Elie asking me why I haven’t posted my “white” comment on the Gates case. Ok Elie, here is my quick opinion.)
Professor Gates is a man who sees himself as a Black first and a Man second; an affliction that pervades throughout the so-called “Black” community AND in the elitist, leftist, statist community of neo-intellectual “whites.”
We, the public-at-large, were programmed from the very first news bites about this case to see this scenario as a case of excessive police insensitivity, perpetrated by an ignorant, undertrained white racist police officer. I read an initial reporting in the USA Today paper that Officer Crowley, according to a police chief in some obscure town in another state (no doubt a set up interview to sway the story the way the writer wanted it to be presented), was obviously undertrained.
Since that first story, all the primary papers have piled on with every trick they could muster to “prove” their initial point. But, reluctantly, they have had to slowly actually report the news, periodically included little bits here and there that, if looked at with a discriminating eye, clearly shows quite the opposite.
Officer Gates not only is highly trained in racial matters, he is a former academy teacher (for five years) of racial sensitivity. Further, he even had the opportunity to put his words to action, long before he was a teacher; he attempted to save a basketball player’s life (whom happened to be Black), Reggie Lewis, by administering mouth-to-mouth resuscitation. Of that attempt, as reported in the Boston Herald, Officer Crowley stated, “I wasn’t working on Reggie Lewis the basketball star. I wasn’t working on a black man. I was working on another human being.” (Even then, as a college campus police officer, Crowley was lambasted for not doing enough. Why?, only because he is white and Reggie was black. If Reggie would have lived the race-baiting naysayers would have lambasted Crowley for all the bruises and other physically abusive marks he left on Reggie’s chest.)
When it comes to white-on-black, especially a white cop and an accused black, the “white” man can do no right and the black man can do no wrong. It doesn’t matter that the vast majority of black related crimes are black-on-black: 2007 stats show about 13% of America is comprised of Blacks, yet 43% of all murder victims in America were black and 93% of them were murdered by blacks. Other violent crimes have similar percentages. Did you get that?—13% of the population commits nearly have the total killings. Black communities reek with violent crime far and above that of so-called white communities, and we know why too (but to say it, even with undisputed facts, will bring the heavy hand of the racist enablers down on whoever even suggests “black” culpability.
I will say it: it is because of the welfare mentality and their inability to see and think past the leftist, statist “boxes” they have been programmed into over the past 40+ years; in that regard I suppose some of the blame does land on the “whites.”
All of us as humans often try to look for an easy way out. It is human nature to look outside to find blame for our inadequacies, our laziness and procrastinating desires. And our current social norm is to lend a helping hand to the racial dividers (enablers) who make their political and financial careers on the backs of our collective laziness and ensuing ignorance. When “Black” America stops allowing the enablers to set their low-level limit points, and becomes able INDIVIDUALLY to reset their own aiming stakes to a higher level, AND when they stop being Black- (insert adjective) anything, and become an American first, rejoining the human race, things will get better for all Americans.
I’ve written extensively on the need to reject collective thinking and return to the concept of individual accountability/responsibility; this is when all the hyphen-American crap will disappear and all our lives will improve.
In short, Professor Gates lives what he teaches- a separating ideology, trained by our elitist academia to respond as a victim-in-waiting. Meanwhile, this is THE problem of America’s 21st century, and it is leading us into socialism and modern slavery for all, equally.
So much for the “real quick” response, but I hope this fulfills Elie’s desires to continue hating me, the cold blooded racist white guy.

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