Monday, July 13, 2009

Racial Divide Driven by the Left

“(I)mpartial justice,” so stated by Ms. Sotomayor, is in fact leftist code talk as she will continue sifting through previous rulings to find the recent leftist inroads to socializing America. To her, impartial justice means anti-white and anti-individual responsibility/accountability, metered according to her ghetto-driven mentality.
Take it from a ghetto child –me—the ghetto mentality is still deeply routed in her. She sees life through the eyes of a government housing tenant filled with all the public documents, surrounded by “inadequate” entitlements, spiritual and mental inadequacies, and a despisement for what she perceives as the racist good-ole-boys-club. She sees this politico/socio ailment through ghetto-driven, racial and sex biased precepts.
(And yes, to date I have read 13 of her opinions, read countless articles in which she was quoted, and paid close attention to her interviews (I watch the eyes and the body squirms).
Ms. Sotomayor’s supporters in mainstream America overwhelmingly support her for the same reason they supported the Obama campaign; they perceive the Republican Party as racially motivated, if not outright racist, and are pushing her appointment because they want to seize this moment-in-time to put a non-white in a significant position. They see the Republican Party through the hazy-made eyes of our leftist media who has done yeoman’s work at vilifying anything conservative, ignoring the truth.
If you are open to the truth check this out:

The consistencies I find make her a shoe-in for Obama’s agenda to bring down what they see as the white man’s kingdom.
You want more truth: For the average so-called white guy growing up in America, we (the white guys) see all around us a maze of “help” for all things non-white and non-male. Now think about this really hard- It is compassionate, appropriate, (and a self-evident need) to give a helping hand to the mentally and physically challenged. And, if all things non-white male, need help to become equalized, what are we then programmed to think?
This is what fuels today’s male-dominant white pride movements in all its perverted glory. Modern entitlement tools bring an unintended consequence of generating a field of pre-member, ripe for the picking, droned recruits for the Arian Brotherhood and a new generation of KKK-type upstarts. We are programmed –outside the home-- from childhood to see “others” as inferiors.
I, for one, refuse to apologize for supporting an open-arm society whose very hands are used to slap our own faces. Yea, some of us so-called white guys are angry for the right reasons. My proverbial and physical arms shall stay open because I have a full understanding of, and appreciation for, classic conservatism.

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