Monday, July 13, 2009

If You Understand, You're Not the Problem; If You Don't, You Are

In our COLLECTIVE pursuit to attain what naturally exists, we are ensuring it cannot INDIVIDUALLY be found: liberty, equality, happiness, self-worth, and purpose.

If government pursues liberty for you, it only attains its own perverted form.

Government's pursuit of equality can only be a shallow, physical equalness that denies its actual attainment. It is our political pursuit of equality that demands a powerful government, which in turn stifles internal individual growth, which empowers more government. This round-robin continues until no one has liberty, no one has parity, and no is able to attain their personal best. Then the soul dies; society waits on the fence to be taken.

I believe this is why Thomas Jefferson created the Jefferson Bible: to show that Liberty only lies within the wisdom, and its understandings, of judeo/Christian philosophy.

The core of our culture is under attack and we are doing great harm to the young. Our lack of a quality American education, born out of atheistic distress, is forcing us backward in time.

President Obama does not understand.

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