Wednesday, July 15, 2009

And Still No Revolution

When are we going to finally accept reality; Obama does not care about your job. He is selling us a pile of poopoo as he continues doing all he can to destroy our economic system. He wants to permanently shrink our system and is using the recently printed paper bills to hire more and more government workers, but only slowly, as he is in part waiting for the right time to boost democratic favorability ratings when the next election cycle comes around. What a piece of work this man is!, taking advantage of his blackness image and our leftist-created embarrassment/guilt over racism and/or slavery and/or whatever else they can perpetrate along with the help of the alphabet news outlets.
Napolitano is taking down even moderate border security systems; Sotomayor is lying through her teeth saying she “stands by her words” even while justifying earlier racial rant by saying she said “it” wrong (huh?), and she also eluded to full immunity for illegals (no surprise) along with their “rightful entitlements;” Congress passes a tax increase bill on the “rich” – an 1100 page bill printed yesterday and passed last night. You think anyone read it first? NOT! This is bill number three (that I am sure of) NOT read before voted on, which means TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION, again. The feared Tytler Cycle is upon us.
A quotation usually called the Tytler cycle, although its origins cannot be confirmed, has real meaning to what we are now living. It is profound and history proves it so:

"The historical cycle seems to be: From bondage to spiritual faith; from spiritual faith to courage; from courage to liberty; from liberty to abundance; from abundance to selfishness; from selfishness to apathy; from apathy to dependency; and from dependency back to bondage once more."

The Enlightenment Period of our Founders is far behind us; Tytler's selfishness to apathy stages have been with us now for decades, made a reality mostly due to the Incorporation Doctrine and the 17th Amendment. Yes, some say we are in the information Age, which cannot be denied. But information alone does not necessarily conclude in an age of wisdom. Information overload can be found in previous and failed societies- the period following the printing press can confirm this. And I believe we are there again with too few having the knowledge, twisted for self-aggrandizement.
Subterfusion abounds, growing through ignorance and fear and self-enrichment of the elite- thanks to the distortions of democracy– which brings me right back to the Tytler Cycle:
Likened to the plight of the ancient Israelis, first we begin with the chains of bondage and tyranny. In that bondage Man turns to an internal power perceived to be greater than Man itself –religion/spirituality– eventually finding a strength no Tyrant can equal.
Liberty follows. With Liberty comes abundance, wealth, and prosperity.
Then, in time, man loses his faith found upon hard times and despair. We forget where we cam from and how we came out of the darkness. Complacency sets in and apathy, selfishness pervades. The world begins to look like a place that owes the people a living. Eyes are taken off of those who govern; dependence and eventual re-enslavement returns.
The round robin wagon wheel again rears its ugly head, thanks to democracy– an ever-changing monster built on the sands of the “silent artillery of time.” The Rule of Law becomes the Rule of Man.
Such is the curse of human nature. But our Founders gave us the most perfect system to fight this renowned round robin. With a sound system that recognizes the concept of Sovereignty, America was the FIRST nation, not built on bringing down an Empire, but by dissemination of information and acting on good faith, making notice to a candid world that all men are created equal.
I simply pray Americans 50 years from now don't have the example of America to further prove the voracity of the above quote.

If our current regime continues printing money inflation is certain to follow. How can our smartest ever president still stand and give speeches with a straight face, saying he is concerned about jobs. The worst thing is not him or the Congress, it is YOU, the idiot who voted for him and still supports him. You, the zero-liability voter, you, who refuses to acknowledge who the real enemy is-- it's not any one person, and nor is our savior any one person; it is us -- you and me, as a nation of fools.
I am sick with rage – disappointment, embarrassed by what this generation is going to leave (NOT) for the next. What a mess. And it will stay a mess until we find our way back to the Constitutions original design. Or, until the next revolution.

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