Saturday, June 06, 2009


Anyone remember the 18 resolutions with Iraq? Remember how many times Saddam tried to shoot down our (United Nations) planes patrolling the no-fly zone? U.N. nuke inspectors kicked out umpteen times; stall tactics, misstatements and outright lies straight from Saddam’s mouth- the world and George Bush put up with Saddam for many years through many lies and threats.
We know for a fact (I know from personal experience while in the Gulf in 1987/8) Saddam had possession of chemical/biological weapons; we gave them to him during the Iran/Iraq War. We knew of faked paperwork supposedly showing transportation and alleged destruction of some of these c/b weapons. We have pictures of Kurdish children laying in the streets, dead from chemical attacks – chemicals Saddam had and used. And yet, for years we put up with stall tactics and lies and outright defiance of American and U.N. demands. We languished for over twelve years in total while Saddam murdered dissidents, even family members. We know for a fact Saddam set up terrorist training camps, even buying a Boeing 747 on the open market for use in training terrorists in taking over a plane in flight.
With all of this, Obama continues his “Tour of Apologies” calling the Iraq War “a war of choice” reminding America of the need to use “diplomacy and consultation to resolve problems.”
No doubt such apologies will fall on the ears of those who seek to find weakness.
But there is an even more disturbing ring to what Obama says as he addresses his “friends” in the Islamic world. First, if you study Islam, you will find there is something they abhor even more than an infidel, and that is one whom they perceive as a traitor – a turncoat; Obama needs to be very careful as he attempts to identify with their culture and exude empathy for them. He clearly used his middle name and spoke of his exposure to Islam as a youngster. He referenced his father’s Islamic roots (in direct contrast to other admonitions from Obama about his father’s religious tenets) and used quotes from the Koran to attempt gaining their attention.
Radical Islam heard his message loud and clear. But what message did he deliver? I saw and heard a double message: one for Islam, and one for the West, both in one speech using some key words with very different meanings to each audience. I beseech you to search for the Koranic meaning of the “innocent,” then reread his speech; Christians, Jews, and all other non-Muslims, are enemies of the “innocent” (Converts are at the top of the list of Islam’s enemies).
The Koran teaches only Muslims are innocent – again, always do your own research. There are some excellent books written by Muslim-to-Christian converts, and you should own your own Koran, as this issue –this complication—shall continue to arise in the very near future. The Christian Bible gives us the Two Great Commandments in straight language and no hidden meanings; the Koran has no equivalent message.
NOTE: In part, Obama quoted Surah 5:32. But you need to read it in context, to include at least the next verse, please. Link provided above!

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