Monday, June 08, 2009


The leaches are happy – elated – at what is going on in the White House. Obama’s work at deliberately shrinking our economy seems to be working while he continues to appease his cult-like followers: such as, ACCORN, the do-little wanna-be leftist neo-intellectuals, the racially-motivated apologists, the advocates (i.e., enablers) of the successfully “boxed-in” so-called (terminally) poor, and let’s not forget the anti-Christian Marxists crowd, and of course the just-plain-lazy-jiminy cricket ‘the world owes me a living’ crowd; amassed debt is (and will continue to be) a tool to create an environment the essentially forces everyone into compliance.

“I won’t have to worry about putting gas in my car. I won’t have to worry about paying my mortgage. You know, if I help he is going to help me,” said Peggy Joseph.  Yea, that Jiminy Cricket crowd.

Peggy won't have a choice, and will be stuck in Big Brother's all-encompassing non-discriminating Civil Rights Act we know as the 17th Amendment.

What? You’re not happy with my terminology? Is that because I left your label off the above list – or is it because I included it? If you feel left out let me know and I will stick it in there. But if you are pissed because I used one of your leftist/statist tools and identified a “box” you fit in, GOOD – live with it, and know you are not under my radar.

You say Obama is not to blame for the continued loss of jobs – the continued shrinking of our economy? Oh, it’s Bush’s fault, you say.

While I’m no Bush supporter, it wasn’t Bush who appointed a Car Czar bent on closing down decade old, still profitable Chrysler and GM dealerships. It isn’t Bush holding on to all that paper money that could be already in the various states’ coffers. It isn’t Bush touring the world apologizing for western iniquities. It isn’t Bush running up the national debt and growing government while the federal intake is at an all-time percentage low.

Why hasn’t there been a more significant federal contribution yet? I will tell you; Obama and his patsy Congress buddies are carefully watching the constant polls- they are reading the national tolerance levels very closely and only doling out the minimal necessities to keep their momentum rolling along at a controlled pace. In time, as the election cycle come around, so will the money. But meanwhile, we will be inundated with MSNBC/ABC/CBS/CNN crap about the humble beginnings of Sotomayor, the magnificence of the brave and humorous Colbert, all in between well-timed bits and pieces of Obama’s inspiring words of wisdom and enlightenment.

Yea, that should suffice the idiots for a few more months; then comes the congressional election cycle and some more “free” money from the white man.

Education is not the answer; a quality education, and a check on our national character is.

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