Wednesday, June 03, 2009


I learn from no one as completely as I do from Professor Thomas Sowell. His insights, even when he is writing about a current event, paint a picture worthy of the best in journalism. He doesn’t rely on pomp and pizzazz; he doesn’t entice with excitement, he simply uses good old-fashioned common sense and “sees” his way through the political smoke screen bringing quality moralism to his readers/followers.
I have a lot of time to absorb the facts-of-the-day and decipher my way through them, looking for any familiar links to the possible end means meant by our current leadership. I try to not assume a particular outcome, but to only allow my mind to flow where the facts take me. I do this on a daily basis, presuming each day to be a new day. In fact, I actually try to look at the actions of Obama as individual events, specifically trying to separate the events (yes, I understand this fact may make my discerned outcomes unscientific), but I each day still ends with me linking the pieces of the puzzle together. They continue to fall right into place: Obama has a Cabinet -and support team- bent on doing the near-impossible; minimizing job loss AND at the same time, deliberately taking steps to permanently shrink the overall size of our economy. Obviously, the primary work is to make strides in shrinking the economy, then to throw band-aids out the back door in hopes of creating some localized economic stimulation, i.e., government jobs/projects.
I recommend you keep tabs on the writings of Mr. Sowell. You can find his current articles along with a cataloging of his past writings at < >.

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