Tuesday, March 31, 2009


The Savior of all things (celadonish) green; the provider of all things yellow (bright yellow): the Giver of all things (sky) blue: the Warden of the air (only the clean stuff) we breath; the Porter to the (mild mannered) downtrodden; the Overseer of all the (overlooked) little people; the Caretaker of all (helpless) creatures upon our expansive (previously neglected) plains; the Answer to all things previously confused, neglected, abused, over spent, and (previously) insignificant; the Mother to all things warm, furry, and fuzzy; the Magnificent Owner (and self-appointed) CEO of General Motors; and (finally) the Maker/Czar of the universe, has declared our Constitution is flawed, because it doesn’t do enough FOR the people.
The most revered and copied governing paper in the world (and histories of all worlds) which is the proverbial “face that launched a thousand” governments, is suddenly inadequate to protect the people. For once I agree with CEO Bama—without the concepts so eloquently stated in our Declaration being brought forward and used in the translation of our Constitution, it is in fact inadequate. Without the concept of inalienable rights, without the limiting idea of State sovereignty, without understanding the governing rules of federalism- all within the hearts of souls of the People, our Constitution and its guaranteed republican form of government, is wholly inadequate. Yes Mr. CEO Bama, we finally agree on something. No longer can We The People sit back and reap the benefits of our Men-of-Old, Men of Renown, because such would only be possible IF such was in our hearts and minds. Apparently it is not. Not since Hitler has there been so much sadness and despair (and malfeasance) in the world.
Doesn’t anyone understand the concept of private property? The dollar bill is tender – a symbol of tangible wealth. Wealth is private property, exemplified by all the things we have possession of. The only way we have any right to property is if we can also claim sole ownership and have the ability to decide its’ fate/use for ourselves. If governments can claim any portion of it and determine where it goes and who gets a piece of it, it no longer is a right and only becomes a privilege.
Look below if you do not know the difference between a right and a privilege. Further, it is because of your condition, compelling you to look below, that’s allowing our Constitution to be treaded upon – shame on you.
If you are mad at me- GOOD! If you are confused, ask.

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