Friday, March 27, 2009


Conservatism is the ONLY sustainable, compassionate political model. Liberalism, in the American sense, puts sheeple in their respective communal box, feeding them peanuts; classic conservatism affords one the opportunity –the desire—to build their own private box in which they can feed themselves.
Oh I can hear the screams now, ‘What if they can’t feed themselves?” – “What if they don’t know how to build their own nest?” Think hard Pelosi; what have we learned from direct welfare handouts? We’ve learned folks get stuck in a rut on welfare; handouts are not handups – we have millions of examples. Government compulsive handouts put the recipient into a tail spin aimed at a box with a one way door. Then, when we add children raised in that enclosed box, they too get caught in this concept of compulsion-fed welfare, breeding a generation of dependants who look for Big Brother to feed them, to pay their mortgages and their car payment and their energy bills… Such breeds despair, a sense of inequality, and dependents. I will take the concept of “human obligation” any day over “government compulsion.”
Just like the growing list of government regulation controlling our public behavior, there is a wagon-wheel affect to welfare; the more offered by Big Brother, the more that’s needed. As we accept financial help, we find less of a need to seek our own way – our own wealth – like an addiction. It’s self-perpetrating with built-in future liberal voters
Government’s most primal purpose is to plunder, no matter the type of government. Our hope in establishing a government is to control the plundering, and this is where we have our disagreements. What form of government works best? Our Founders chose one specific form – a republican form of government -- and created some very innovative concepts to implement it: A union of sovereign states, the concept of federalism, the concept of individual liberty, the concept of inalienable rights associated with “Nature and Nature’s God,” the separation of powers concept: exemplifying the idea of our natural right to pursue life, to pursue liberty, and to pursue property.
As I read, again, through our Declaration of Independence, I feel like dropping a tear thinking of what we have morphed into today. The Declaration is the soul -- the instructions -- for our Constitution, and it has been ripped away from our collective social conscience. I hope future generations of Americans are able to find their liberty footing, and when they do, they will look back at the early 21st century and see us as the bitter, complacent, apathetic, greedy, barbaric (partial-birth abortion), bastards we really are.
We have more freedoms now than ever, with a lot less Liberty. Subjects. Bastardized Subjects, that’s what we are. Home of the Brave, Land of the Free is no more.
All this, and still no revolution? How much longer? How much more? Government cannot help itself, for its’ nature is to plunder.
Suggested reading: The Law, by Frederic Bastiat – it’s a small book available for download at Amazon or can be viewed at < >

>>The Left cries about global warming/climate change akin to a child’s “discovery” of change in a lava lamp.

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