Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The "Strategic" Decline of American Values

Someone in high places is looking for a bandaid. The Republicans will be at a total loss, but the democratic statist – those folks are full of ideas. And this time it may be more than just a simple bandaid.
But Strategic voting? We have states with laws aimed at allowing/encouraging cross-over voting. We have states proudly wearing the “direct democracy” label –in direct violation of our Constitution, and we (just the Democrats, for now) have the confusion, and perversive distortion, of Super Delegates –currently blackmailing the frontrunners for special favors. And now we have “plants” going across party lines in the hopes of sabotage. Doesn’t anyone see the eventual connection with all of these shenanigans and the eventual ouster of our current electoral system; no doubt the Democrats are going back to the Courts before this is all over.
Where do I begin- The very party that insists it is for the little guy; the one that cries the loudest about voter fraud; that every vote must count; that we must stop voter disenfranchisement; that will again demand reforming –and blaming-- the Electoral College, is the same Party with Super Disenfranchisement, and is the same party that invented open convention/primary/caucus voting. The Democrats speak of equality, but in practice they’re even guiltier of elitism than the Republicans. They want your vote, but only if it is the vote they want. And if not, then they have a system set up to piece-meal a nullification.
Their Egalitarian idealistic leadership hopes for ignorance and complacency among its people, rallied by words that stir those fuzzy warm feelings deep within our bellies, and frustrate any chance at intellectual intervention. They operate using emotion as a cloak of darkness to cover up their long range dreams of a Utopian society; Republicans continue to fall into the trap, and conservatism continues its decline.
Isn’t anyone concerned for our republic? Is there anyone left who understands our Electoral College system; a necessary tool, under our republican form of government, to ensure equality among the sovereign(?) states, a vital tool for our republican form of government.
The call for Strategic voting is going to add to the frustration the masses feel, and in our own ignorance, we will once again act out of haste --for a lack of knowledge-- to find another bandaid to hold back the waters of an already broken dam held in place only by decades of other clever bandaids. Soon the totality of bandaid after bandaid will take its toll and we will be left with no other choice but to quickly drift right into what Tocqueville forecasted; “ever-increasing democracy,” leading to “.. the track which starts from equality ... leads to anarchy … lead(s) inevitably to servitude.”
The most listened to radio talk show host, the self-proclaimed King of Democracy, is calling for his dido-heads to cross over party lines and cast their Strategic Vote. While I am sure he’s thought this through, he is so far afoul of original conservatism that his war chest of knowledge has brought him –again—to a territory that serves the Left’s long range goals. The frustration and political chaos this will cause will become another tool for the Left as they chip away at our republican form of government, and rightly so, for those motivated by self-indulging, ignorant desires.
Our democratic idealisms have become so ingrained into our system of government –and in the heads of our (former) defenders of Liberty, from Congressmen to our talking pundits like Rush-- that the only way modern conservatives have a chance of winning anything is to use the tools dictated by the Left. Thus, the Right (original conservatism) again becomes the victim of Party rankling. Values decline as we find new reasons --excuses-- to act amoral, justified by the hoped outcome (moral relativism). Meanwhile, relativism continues to gain favor as a way to meet the needs-of-the-day. Original conservatism, the only political policy our Constitution is compatible with, is again forced into change to meet the future, rather than growing from experience to affect the future.

“Conservatism is not about changing to meet the future; it is about growing from experience to affect the future."

When the Democrats determine cross-voting will hurt their “insider” cause and limit their undemocratic wiggle room, they will find their bandaid, and Tocqueville becomes the new Nostradamus.

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