Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Conservative Movement Is No More

Who is Barack Hussein Obama?

Obama revealed last year that his favorite philosopher is Reinhold Niebuhr, a specialist in separating accountability from responsibility, and sees all individual actions as an outgrowth of society. Niebuhr believes a criminal act is not intended to be as consequential as it often is; that evil can be traced to collective behavior rather than the individual; that the spirit of love supersedes justice; and that the (g)od revealed in nature cannot be a moral God.

Niebuhr actually is not a philosopher, but a theologian -- with some very contradictive concepts in great contrast to Black Theology. If Obama was being truthful with this pick as his favorite philosopher, I have to conclude he is far from a decisive thought process/philosophy, or he is in the midst of creating his own mix-and-match, succotash style of thinking, albeit filled with inconsistencies.  We do know, from his own words and from those who he admires, a President Obama will look to save the world from "capitalist pig" America. He will pull every trick to turn our economy down a couple notches, including to amass a debt we cannot yet even comprehend. He will justify intertwining public and private from his bully pulpit and sink the teeth/power of government as deep as possible into the bowls of private business, bringing our public coffers to the brink of collapse.  This will meet not only his socialist desires but also his collectivist Black Theology demands  -- at least it does in his mind.

And while we are thinking of Black Theology, if you do a little research on this subject you will find it to be far more politically/power-based rather than religious-based. Why do I reach that conclusion- because Black Theology cannot be construed to be religious-dominate due to its fundamental belief that if the black race is not granted freedom and dominance by God, then God has to move out of the way – this core belief puts physicality and humanism ultimately above spirituality and the power of God. I might humbly suggest- if a (g)od’s desires keep a (any) race of people subordinate to another race, that (g)od is no god at all, but a figment of a self-imposed overclass’ imagination. It is an outcropping of the Latino world lashing out over colonialism, beginning in South America, and spread northerly. Liberal Black America adopted its precepts during the late 19th century and have taken it to its next level, furthering its infestation by fusing it with racist superiority and perverted (c)hristian overtones.

I also believe Obama is tainted with not only Black Theology, but also, he brings with him what has been prevalent in our university system- a great distaste for all that is/was wrong with America, including our America Empire tendencies. Separate from Black theology, academia has been harping on America's international fascism in which we adopted and then exported colonialism. This makes Obama a "perfect" fit for liberal America, and a dangerous fit for liberty here and abroad.

When we put all of this together, including Mr. Obama’s stated political concepts (including our so-stated flawed Constitution), we have a very complicated, very confused, very dangerous leader of the (formerly) free world. I am certain Obama will look as though he is oblivious to the now in-place and growing Islamic Caliphate. And I look for him to lend a hand whenever he thinks he can get away with it, which I suspect will be often since no one in the national media has even began vetting who and what he is. And there is a reason why they haven't; it's because they approve of what they know of this man, and because they know us the People, will not approve.

I could so appreciate someone who is filled with all of these conflicting precepts of philosophy and religion, who is still sitting on the side lines working through his or her own particular answers to life, as a senior in high school, for instance. I would love to sit down and discuss a variety of issues and philosophical concepts with someone as open and diverse as this person must be.  However, it is also clear this person has yet to come to any conclusive, consistent philosophy and would be totally vulnerable to their immediate environment, completely unable to morally defend themselves, or even to feel such a need. 

Further, if we decide who a man is by his friends, and throw in the mix of cronies, including known communist sympathizers, known to be important to the man Barack Obama: people like Saul Mendelson, Danny Davis, William Ayers, Valerie Jarrett, Jeremiah Wright, Jodie Evans, Derrick Bell, David Axelrod, Sam Graham, etc, we begin to get a clear picture of who Mr. Obama really is. Thus, in simple terms, a socialist-leaning, communist-thinking, race-dominate hippie looking at love and government force as the answer to a very volatile, dangerous, teetering world.

Issue such as the Electoral College, health care, the definition of marriage, and even the most basic fundamentals of our federated system, such as states' rights and our well established unwritten constitution, are all up for reinterpretation and/or complete annihilation. Our cultural norms will take a huge blow; the way we perceive government and how it intermingles with our republic will be further damaged. Our economy will be President Obama's primary concern, as he sets off to shrink America's piece of the global pie- unfunded and wasted debt will be his best and favorite tool.

If the world was made up of one race, and we all were utopian-minded, love drunk hippies, Mr. Obama would probably fit the role he is soon to be in. But we aren’t, and he doesn’t.  As President, I fear he will hesitate when the 800 lbs. gorilla knocks down our front door. I fear he will collect a sizable following of love-deprived immature radicals, dissatisfied with their life, looking for Utopia, ala. Jiminy Cricket, and he will neuter America, morally and economically beginning with the Energy sector and ending with a regrouped power of the Crown in Washington DC; the 17th Amendment will be his best friend.

The end of Conservatism, absent a full-blown revolution, will be the result.

No doubt, the socialist/fascist leaders of the world will wine-and-dine him – lull him into a comfort zone – then pounce with their thirst for cancerous, destructive power; America will become the new Western Europe.  God help us all.


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    I love this , thank you so much for sharing, Ken and Brenda Battle Jordan we sit on the Genesee County Republican Executive Committee{}

  2. The writings were clearly available for those with eyes prepared to see and ears prepared to hear.


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