Friday, March 07, 2008

A Call For Flex-Fuel Mandated Vehicles

This is a copy of an email I sent to my Congressman, Wally Herger. Take it word for word if you want, but send a similar one to your elected officials. Need I say to you that much of our oil money going to Saudi Arabia is helping fuel the very terrorists we are fighting around the world?, no, I suppose not; if you have the inclination to read my blog you probably already know that tidbit. But read on!, then act!
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To The Honorable Congressman Wally Herger,
There's no better time than right now to introduce legislation immediately mandating all new cars be flex-fuel equipped.
My political and social positions are far to the Right of even you (http//, and more legislation has never been my request to fix anything. However, we have emergency times right now with this war as well with pressing economic problems.
I see the two issues as an evolving-merging issue, both centering on our (and the world's) use of imported oil. Yes, I understand our oil import is only at about 18%, but the costs are controlled relative to world events. OPEC must feel the pressure of competition, and we can create that by mandating all cars sold in America to be flex-fuel ready; automakers will respond in kind the world over.
Six months from the time the first mandated flex-fuel vehicle roles off the assembly line, the price of oil by the barrel will be back to 50 bucks.
This will have a double effect; minimizing our money going in such huge amounts to terror-supporting countries such as Saudi Arabia, cooling the heels of the potential conflict between S.A. and Iraq as well as slowing the flow of money to fringe terrorists; and it will reenergize our economy. Companies in agriculture, manufacturing, and transportation have already spent millions in pre-preparation to meet the needs of such a change.
I know the problem with the derivatives of alcohol fuels is primarily the issue of safety during refueling vehicles. But I see this as a major boom to our service industry: the days of full-service will return to gas stations. There will be an entire new industry of certification schools relative to the additional skills needed for safety and employment. Yes, there will be costs, but those costs are monies that will still be less than the savings to our economy due to the billions of dollars left here in America. The employment benefits as well as the millions of our dollars that will stay at "home" will have an immediate positive effect.
I know you are a busy man, but, if you haven't already, you must take a day or two and read, "Energy Victory," by Robert Zubrin. It makes so much sense it even energized me to act like a modern-day Republican!
This is a pressing issue Congressman Herger, and I appreciate your time. bruceH

Okay, I'm ready for all the hate mail from the conservatives. Even as you read, I am doing my best to write up a justification for my above call for more legislation! Bring it on!

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