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Thank you President William Jefferson Clinton. Your true legacy continues to grow with troubling increases in teen sexual behavior, as well as their related definitions, since 1995:

The CDC recently released a report <1> stating teenage girls, 14 to 19 years of age, now suffer from STD’s at a rate of one in four. The worst hit is black girls at nearly 50 percent, with white and Mexican-American girls at one in five.

There's also a continued growth in the numbers of teenagers who believe oral sex is not only safer than traditional sex but that oral sex isn't even sex at all, thanks to our so-named “First Black President.”

My research continues to point to abstinence as the only effective way to battle STD’s, but the Leftist approach to cultural advancement (to read: moral relativism; promotion of democratic precepts over our republican form of government; destruction of our Sovereignty concept of inalienable rights and its flow of limited authority; etc.) continues to deny this reality. Modern liberalism, driven in part by the feminist movement, homosexual rights, and secularism, suggests abstinence is not possible.

I agree.

When one views the world through secularist eyes, calls conservatism (and biblical morality) a disease <3>, and believes children should have “privileges” equal to adults <4>, it is then clear abstinence is not a workable solution. Parent’s hands are tied while society sees a shaken finger in the face of a child as a form of abuse <5> and secedes parental authority to the government-controlled educational system which supports the liberal concept of progressive moral relativism. Further, when one extrapolates moral relativism to its pinnacle aim, the effect is to justify all freedoms as indivisible, just as hoped for by convicted molester and homosexual rights activist, David Thorstad,* who said,

“Freedom is indivisible. The liberation of children, women, boy-lovers, and homosexuals can occur only as complementary facets of the same dream”<6>.

If you believe “freedom is indivisible” and that adolescent abstinence from sex is unrealistic, then you do have a wonderful chance at continuing the work of the First Black President; vote democrat.

Excuse me, but I have to go shower now. What little research I did for this writing has left me feeling, dirty.

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Additional disgusting information:


*David Thorstad:
Homosexual leaders have consistently tried to separate themselves from NAMBLA and to downplay their historical association with child abuse. David Thorstad, an early founder/co-founder of various homosexual groups across the United States, made this very clear when he complained that the homosexual movement, ‘‘... seeks to sanitize the image of homosexuality to facilitate its entrance into the social mainstream. ... The issue of man-boy love has intersected the gay movement since the late nineteenth century.’’ (see: Thorstad, David, ‘‘Man-Boy Love and the American Gay Movement.’’ Journal of Homosexuality, 1990, 20: 251-252.) The loss of moral lines in the sand coupled with our potential for NOT being hard wired for sex, as suggested by Dennis Prager, leaves us with a bleak, loathsome, disease filled future.

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