Sunday, February 29, 2004

Leave It To Beaver and the Ghetto Child

**How depressing- I just read that, “Barely 50 years ago, American households had a "Leave it to Beaver" look with married couple households comprising 80 percent of the adult population. Today that has slipped sharply to 50.7 percent, and is predicted by many to continue falling.” Same article says that “...the "traditional" American family of breadwinner dads and stay-at-home moms like the Cleavers in "Leave it to Beaver," today comprise only 10 percent of the adult population. A third of children are raised in single parent homes.”
I fear imagining what affect gay marriages are going to have on this .. trend. You think kids are confused now-- wait another 20 years. I can see the discussions now in third grade public school: “Johnny, so .. when you grow up, WHAT do you want to marry -- a boy or a girl?” Or, by then-- the choice will include BOTH, or perhaps his favorite pet. Well, why not? The Left says that love is the only criteria, right? Heck, what will stop Johnny from marrying his brother? And, further, the hope of so-called conservatives to add a traditional definition of marriage to the Constitution is just as bad since the Constitution has been bent so far out of shape anyway.

**We better hurry up and extend the Bill of Rights while we are at it; rights are no longer an inalienable concept from the Sovereign-- they now come from our Legislatures, ala, the U.S. Supreme Court. I don’t see any legal differences now between “rights” and “privileges.” The real difference between them can now only be determined by what race/gender has legal use of that “priviright.” If you’re a male Caucasian, it is a privilege -- if you’re an “other,” it shalt heretofore be thy right-- a civil right.
**My, my- and if we look at minority statistics alone, the future of the ghetto is quite secure-- more than 50 percent of black children live in single parent homes, and of that 50 percent, 80 percent are subsisting on welfare. “The Black Man” has some mighty big hurdles to overcome in his plight to become a respectable, productive citizen in America.
If anyone ever reads this, now would be a good time for me to introduce one of my favorite people. No, I’ve never met him-- but the message he “shouts” in “Losing the Race” has put him on my short list of American Heroes. His name is John McWhorter.
Hey you! .. Read everything this guy writes okay!?! ---I cannot believe he’s still at (b)erkeley Univ after writing some of his Left-labeled “hate” ideas. This educated man, who happens to be black, actually believes in personal responsibility! Can you believe that?!

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