Saturday, February 14, 2004

>Why is there no outrage among the people over .. gosh .. which one do I pick- No, you pick one-
>I'm here because of the deep impact I felt when we elected "I never inhaled" to the highest and most powerful office in the world. And even though I am not so easily surprised, I was astonished when we figured "I never inhaled" was the best man for the job .. a second time! ;;;; we've come so, so far in such a short time; President Reagan wouldn't even enter the Oval Office without a coat on, but we had Billy Boy (cannot help myself) getting "serviced" in the doorway and making sex-line phone calls from Roosevelt's desk. Now the (non)democratic progressive, relativistic statists are getting ready to stage another Clinton (to read: Kerry) as their leader; shame on all of us for being so .. complacent, simple-minded, greedy, self-imposed, bastards.
>There are so many "indictments" all through our socio-politico system. One more I recently read about is with the freaks that run the Head Start program. They've got nearly a 7 billion dollar budget, pay their multiple leaders salaries that approach three hundred thousand bucks -- not to mention luxury perks. They render service to about nine hundred thousand children at an average per-child cost of over seventy-five hundred bucks per school year. Gracious-- what miracles that kind of money could perform if it were in the form of vouchers and in the hands of responsible private schools!
>If we weren't so good at congressional bandaids, our system would have fallen apart long ago.
>That was then and this is now- Today use to be called St. Valentine's Day. Then several somethings ago the statists dropped the "St." since it sounded too religious. And now, this day has more publicity --more acknowledgement-- as National Condum Day then it does a day set aside to pay respect to the sacrament of marriage. Please, St. Valentine, forgive them for they know not what they do.
>If I had more time perhaps I could do more of this vent-writing, and even perhaps edit it a little bit. But back to my studies; it is very time consuming expressing classic liberal idealisms in a school of higher learning.

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