Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Enemy of my Enemy

If you think just a little bit, it’s my guess you’ve wondered why various leftist/statist groups look to be the most outspoken defenders of Islam. Perhaps the most noticeable contradiction is the lack of criticism from the National Organization of Women (NOW) for the clear violations of women’s rights in Muslim countries. In fact, there are regular examples of abuse of women by Muslims right here in America, but virtually no outcry from NOW—why?

Why do liberal progressives scream bloody murder when an LDS leader is exposed for polygamy, but never utter a moment of concern when they see a youtube video of a Muslim wife being beaten for speaking out of turn? A recent example is the New Jersey case in which the judge saw no sexual assault because Sharia Law forbids a wife to withhold sex. If the perk would have been Christian the courthouse lawn would have been filled with protestors.

You’ve also probably noticed most of the Islamic terror is happening in the democratic world and not in Communist/Dictatorial countries. This is in part due to the freedom within democracies, making terrorist plotting a bit easier. But commonality in ideology has a lot to do with it also.

This double standard is because of a well known adage:
The enemy of my enemy is my friend.

Progressive statist liberal (Marxism) goals have a lot in common with the edicts of Islam, and both are encumbered by Christianity and conservatism. Marxism wants to replace the Christian God with Man (materialism), and Islam wishes to deride the biblical God with Allah. Both systems command a centralized source of government that penetrates to the individual’s behavior at the destruction of individual natural rights. In fact, both wish to destroy the concept of individual sovereignty and replace it with a collective mentality: Islam with Sharia Law, and Marxism with a Central Committee- both knock ‘nature and nature’s God” off of the top of the chain-of-command and place Man at the helm.

Both of these systems define the outsiders as the enemy and each want to reindoctrinate or dispose of the noncompliant. Both abhor a republican form of government and dismiss Westphalian sovereignty, wishing to establish a one-world government, destroying the nation-state.

Our Constitution and its’ original intent, is in direct contrast to the collective mentality of both, Islam, and Marxism. Marxism and Islam rule with the heavy hand of fear and intimidation, work toward the goal of mind/thought control, and stipulate that all things belong to the collective.

Beware- it is instinctual for like breeds/minds/hearts to unite for the purpose of defeating a common enemy. Then, when that common enemy is gone, what do you think Islam will do with the likes of Nancy Pelosi?

That’s right fellow conservatives- we are fighting to save Nancy from herself; as if you needed another reason.

I fight on for Liberty, federalism, the sovereignty of my country and my state; I fight for the concept of life and for our republic.

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