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Am I an alarmist? I’ve been crying foul for many years; became involved with some pretty shady (politically speaking) characters back in the mid-1990’s, put a great business I had in jeopardy, all for the “cause” of liberty. That shady involvement led to a couple self-published books, the loss of my business –California Mufflers & Performance Exhaust Systems— and even landing me in jail for a couple weeks over a dispute with a police officer due to an alleged traffic violation (a story of jurisdiction for another time).

During that time the local Sheriff labeled me as a “constitutionalist,” a label I still wear proudly, as I fought for liberty, and exoneration (which I won, in part). I wasn’t new to the legal field at that time as I had several constitutional law college courses under my belt from the 1980’s, but this exposure to the liberal California courts reignited my desire for political activism. I decided the macro controversy, in my mind, was over the slowly but surely weakening of our republic. That conclusion is still relevant today and even more critical. I could care less, then and now, about Party-line politics. My concern, then and now, is about lost liberty and the destruction of our Republic.


I acquired my political wings during the 1980’s while I served proudly in the Marine Corps. Besides studying to be the best Marine, I was also reading and studying and attending classes regarding American History and constitutional law; along came President Reagan, seven years of military service, a wife and family, and a whole new set of reasons to love living in America. I didn’t learn how things should be by listening to political talking heads and media types; I learned by reading history. In my travels, during and after the military, I always made it a point to visit old damp used book stores whenever I had the chance, even overseas. I went to library and school book sales, and since its inception, I’ve been perusing through Google Books reading all that applies to Americana. And today, at this hour, I sit among a pile of books, believing we are in the end times of what America was meant to be. It may not be tomorrow or next year, but the writing is clearly on the wall; American Exceptionalism is coming to a halt and our republic has lost its power to protect the several states as well as the individual.

Alarmist? Perhaps. America wasn’t listening in the 1980’s or the 1990’s, but I am hoping some are beginning to see today the pattern of deceit and treachery coming to us from the mounting enemies of freedom in this White House and the Congress. In fact, the list of socialist leaning supporters, and their respective places among those who have influential pulpits, is growing exponentially all around us. At the very top, President Obama has talked of change, and that change includes his desire to completely alter a document which holds certain truths and concepts that we the people have a reverence for but still do not understand.
President Obama has said, among other things, that he wants to change our Constitution from a negative law document to a positive law document. Do you know what this means? It means Uncle Sam is getting out of the business of ESTABLISHING justice, INSURING domestic tranquility, PROVIDING for the common defense, PROMOTING the GENERAL welfare, and SECURING THE BLESSINGS OF LIBERTY to ourselves and our posterity (see: Preamble, U.S. Constitution). Instead, Uncle Sam has been relegated to the museum to make room for Big Brother who is now on his way to creating in mass a people who need all things of subsistence provided through a nationalized singular source- a socialist system of redistributed wealth, intent on being the caretaker to and of a dependent world.


While many of you still scoff at this evaluation, I see it as plain as a clear day in May. While there are many phases to the President’s plan, his soon to come next move will be to take a stab at our republic, and I want to put it on record that I for one take great umbrage to its destruction. We have all heard as late the word “republic” being thrown around by the pundits, but “republic” is far more than just a word; it is the lifeblood of the several states, as well as securing the sovereignty of the individual. Our republican form of government is founded upon the concept of Sovereignty, a concept by which all natural rights flow. Without it our Rule of Law (America’s culture) becomes the Rule of Man (Imperium Vilani).

What do we mean by “republic? In short: the right of the people to lead a private life; without it, we don't- (Please watch video before you read on)

As this video shows, liberty cannot be exercised by the majority if there is total (potential) government control, but nor can liberty be exercised with no government. Our republic symbolizes that “place” where we the people live and breathe; where we work and possess property- it is where we pursue life, pursue liberty, and pursue happiness. Our republic is the domain of liberty, of 300 million monarchies limited only by the desire of interaction; and this is where, and only where, government becomes relevant- to “insure domestic tranquility” (Preamble, U.S. Constitution).

Governments (that promote true equality) do not bequeath rights. Governments can only set the stage for such rights to be best exercised by its inhabitants: ESTABLISHING justice, INSURING domestic tranquility, PROVIDING for the common defense, PROMOTING the general welfare, and SECURING the blessings of liberty. These tools are not the tools of democracy, but the tools to metered freedom. And metered freedom cannot be secured into perpetuity if 51% can rule the other 49%; with any favoritism, the smart, the dastardly, the evil, will find their way to the top and fascism becomes the finally. Our founders knew of this, and they established a federal system of independent states, guaranteed republican in form, to be assisted by a limited federal system, held in check by specifically enumerated powers, and the Electoral College.

It is from our republic that your Sheriff draws his authority to stop the (democratic) lynch mob.

If there is just one thing in our Constitution that ensures our continued republic, it isn’t Article 4: sec 4; that ONE thing IS the Electoral College clause, Article 2; sec 1. The statist needs the republic dead, and to do so requires removing the Electoral College from our institutional framework. You and I need to save it before we all become dependent institutional clients in a socialized democracy.

The Constitution is not a compilation of separate do’s and don’ts, but a finely tuned machine with a series of necessary interactive components creating a singular working system – like a fine watch. These parts must be read and applied in context, in view of the intent of the entire document, and read in light of the context of our Declaration of Independence. Only in this context can we the people live free. An integral part of that system is our Electoral College.

Why is it that now, after more than two centuries of quality service, the left wing of the Democrat Party is making noise about removing the Electoral College (EC)? Strategic voting? We have states with laws aimed at allowing/encouraging cross-over voting. We have states proudly wearing the “direct democracy” label –in direct violation of our Constitution, and we (just the Democrats, for now) have the confusion, and perversive distortion, of Super Delegates –currently blackmailing the frontrunners for special favors. And now we have “plants” going across party lines in the hopes of sabotage. Doesn’t anyone see the eventual connection with all of these shenanigans and the eventual ouster of our current electoral system? Super Delegates is a temporary band-aid the left is using to pervert our system in hopes of “proving” the Electoral College is flawed and outdated.

The very Party that insists it is for the little guy; the one that cries the loudest about voter fraud; that every vote must count; that we must stop voter disenfranchisement; that will again demand reforming –and blaming-- the Electoral College, is the same Party with Super Disenfranchisement, and is the same party that invented open convention/primary/caucus voting; it is the same Party filled with elites who are certain “they” know what is best for you, nobler and wiser than the rest of us. They give lip service to being democratic, but deny California voters their ballot-box wishes. They push through health care when polls clearly show the majority don’t want government-ran health care. You can pick any number of items that prove modern Democrat-led statism is the enemy of individual rights, and our republic is in their way to effect “change.” The liberal speak of equality, but in practice, it is the tyranny of “them” at the peril of you and our republic.

Their Egalitarian idealistic leadership hopes for ignorance and complacency among its people, rallied by words that stir those fuzzy warm feelings deep within our bellies (“Every vote must count!”), and frustrate any chance at intellectual intervention. They operate using emotion as a cloak of darkness to cover up their long range dreams of a Utopian society; Republicans continue to fall into the trap, and conservatism continues its decline.

Isn’t anyone concerned for our republic? Is there anyone left who understands our Electoral College system; a necessary tool, under our republican form of government, to ensure equality among the several states, a vital tool for our republican form of government?


Tocqueville forecasted, “ever-increasing democracy,” leading to “.. the track which starts from equality ... leads to anarchy … lead(s) inevitably to servitude.” “A republic, madam, if you can keep it-” What this means is that it is the people’s government. Our rights do not depend on the Constitution- they depend on us, our attitude, our knowledge, our fortitude, and our Electoral College.

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