Sunday, July 18, 2010


All of this, and the press degrades Beck and Romney for their (radical?) association to the Mormons, BUT this is okay?

Watch the videos:

It is sickening that so many people buy into this mess. Like Islam, Liberation Theology is not spiritually based (see my previous posts on this subject). Both seem to not get that they are mixing physicality with spirituality. In essence, Black Liberation Theology teaches that if God gets in the way of their(?) liberation, then He must get out of the way. Huh? Where's the logic? If the God of the Bible was to get out of the way then there would be nothing: John 1:1-3

The audacity and ego of Man!

“My salvation is not going to come about without the collective salvation for the country,” says BH Obama. Part of the problem is that he speaks in riddles (though he has to because he knows he's talking to his intellectual base as well as to the minions and he wants his words to deliver two different messages to these groups).

Is he speaking of physical, political salvation or eternal, spiritual salvation? For a Christian the two are distinct and separate, but for a Muslim --as well as to those who follow Liberation Theology-- the two are intertwined. And where is the separation of Church and State our liberal cousins wish us to believe in?

Oh what a tangled web we weave, when at first we set out to deceive. But it’s okay if I’m talking to idiots! Right Obama?


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