Friday, July 16, 2010


I'd like to try to make a point here: Assuming we are all part of the tea party explosion- We have to remember the leftist/statists are going to use everything they can to discredit us. The media is assisting in bumping us up a notch and giving us PARTY status. And because we aren't a real Party, the media has the luxury of lumping us together when it meets their desired need, but also scrutinizing us individually THEN reflecting that individual action on the entire "party."

Some of you are not getting this- we are being played and some of you are giving "them" exactly what they need to ruin the movement. We do not have the convenience of actual Party Leaders who are given the responsibility of speaking for the entire group; everything we say at the individual level is being forced upon us as a group. The two primary parties don't have to worry about that one issue- we do.


This is politics we are playing, each and every one of us. We are playing in a highly sensitive, politically charged environment filled with coyotes and wolves waiting at every opportunity to pounce. And, when we go down, the Republican Party goes down. Why? The alphabet media will make sure of it.

There are a lot of people on the proverbial fence who are paying so-so attention, and they are leaning to the right, kind of, for the time being. But those same so-so people are not scrutinizing Fox News. They aren't reading at, they aren't studying at They mostly peek at CNN from time to time, though with some trepidation. But they can be easily led to the left if the media acquires pictures of us with Hitler signs, film us with guns on our sides, or catches us with just one racist picket sign in our midst. We have to be careful and know each of us IS the Party, and we are playing politics whether we like it or not.

Police your actions. Police your ranks. Act like the world is watching you, because they are. Liberty depends on it.

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