Saturday, July 10, 2010


When will the madness stop?

Bradford’s travels began a new process. Shortly after arriving in the New America he instituted socialized sharing of goods and services; took only one full set of four seasons for the pilgrims to see the error of their ways. Socialism caused laziness and jealousy, and quickly leading to a more open and responsible, less obstructed way of life.

Then we had the Confederation, but the lack of state unity soon showed its weakness against the backstop of a warring world.

Next came our current Constitution; a finely tuned “machine” with many intricate parts and a mapped-out process for maintenance, all needed for metered liberty to survive. A beautiful process! So what happened?

The entire process has been spoiled and poisoned and degraded. The ingenious process our founders set on paper WAS like a singular machine, but when you remove one little cog the whole process gets compromised.

With the Constitution we have many compromised cogs, and its maintenance department is wholly lacking in training. Early on grease was applied in all the wrong places and certain functions then required removal so the entire machine didn't shut down.
Then, with an incomplete machine, other cogs had to be removed and secondary systems had to be installed.

Soon, these inferior backup systems needed band-aids and bailing wire to keep them from spinning apart. And with the invention of duct tape, temporary support systems soon became the norm.

Eventually, the original machine became so inaccessible the add-ons had to be given independent life. Power had to rerouted, new maintenance manuals created and new bureaucrats and specialized police became justifiable to oversee and protect and enforce its function.

Naturally, what flowed from this was a whole new life unto itself, a life whose widget could not be discerned, yet it was so intertwined with otherwise legitimate business that it had to be fed, more and more and more.

New functions, with ensuing manuals and their enforcers, became the new norm. Growing, evolving, and developing its own ability to redefining its intent because it became too big to fail.

Can the machine be fixed? Sure it can, but we need politically compatible nanotechnology to reach through all the clutter of permanentized temporary fixes.
When will the madness stop?

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