Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Why Didn’t Obama Wreck the Economy When He Had the Chance?”

Michael Medved asks,”Why Didn’t Obama Wreck the Economy When He Had the Chance?”
(See his latest posting at above link) In answer to his question I submit the following:
Obama clearly wanted --and still wants-- to wreck (to use your word) the economy, but he's not without compassion (No, I don't believe he is a monster). His concern has been the direction and outcome of the hoped-for, orchestrated wreck.
It was common knowledge among the elitists the 700 B$ Bill would require international help, to include China and the rest of the left-over, fledgling international markets, which included them buying up our uncovered debt. Obama hoped for this as it would minimize the flat-out destruction of our livelihood, strengthen international ties with socialist countries, and hopefully give him an excuse if/when anything that went wrong.
This (suspected) plan would vilify the Republicans, discredit the newest and final Bush Doctrine, and naturally lead to a socialist system, in part, by creating a huge base of people whose only hope is to turn to Big Brother.
You are wrong with your assumption that your stated detractors reasoning rests on arguments about the economy's long-term health. Obama and his cronies completely underestimated the strength of capitalism; in spite of all the excessive regulations and other impediments to an open market, capitalism has a kind of life of its own and it has a great will to live, not previously appreciated, nor understood still, by its detractors. Obamamites hoped for a more significant collapse and that it would happen relatively quickly- that was their mistake. But given enough time, Obamaism will shrink America's economic engine, and the damage will be with us for decades.
The roller-coaster ride of the economy at that time cannot be used to explain any of the followup work/destruction of the Dems. The wild market ride was nothing more than a market response to a huge hole in actual wealth; the market was in a spin, looking for a way to justify and account for the significant loss of widgets and earned wealth.
To answer your question in a nutshell, Obama did wreck the economy. And there's more to come with deeper government fingers in the well of capitalism and a dept so huge even Uncle Sam will find it difficult to carry up the hills soon to be created by worldy socialist desires.

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