Monday, March 22, 2010


The following is my recent response to a string of communication on Facebook in which a lawyer sited a W.C. quote that supports democracy in that there is no other that’s better:

Aaah Winston Churchill, a European conservative from the land with no written Constitution.
As a man of learning, internalize the cause of judicial recall upon a democracy. In western ideology progressives call this (assuming they started with a democracy) a Direct Democracy. But the use of this pejorative phrase is regressive at best as it turns the clock back on naturally held rights by the individual.
How does this affect our system? Is not our Constitution sitting upon our Declaration of Independence, a document that clearly outlines the natural state of individual rights? “The Founders sided with Augustine and the Just War theory that had reigned in Christendom for a millennium and more. “Peace,” said Augustine,” is the natural state of man.” Even wars are fought to achieve peace. And society is not the artificial construct of Hobbes, a construct wrought from the feverish reveries of ideologues, but a peaceful reflection of ‘The Laws of Nature and of Nature’s God.’”
As you know, there’s no such government as a pure democracy, as it must be preceded by a description: Direct Democracy, Totalitarian Democracy, etc., as well as a few like-catastrophes named after their creator, such as Athenian Democracy. A Hobbesian state of nature, where everyone can decide to kill anyone, is doomed to destruction or to follow the necessary path of political evolutionary history into a totalitarian democracy then a soft tyranny to Totalitarianism. For us today to think we can alter this historical trend can only be answered by our own arrogance and disrespect for natural cycles. Further, we are entering this phase of evolution for the first time in our history, and to not use history as a guide will only mean we will hit this path of death at a full run; even now we are seeing totalitarian democracy, as nationalized HC is soon to hit us in spite of poll after poll showing less than 50% approval- is this the democratic leadership we choose to have – democracy without the people’s will respected? Democracy with a tyrannical twist? Sounds like the minority (self-described intellectuals) doing what they think is best for the majority.
Our founders, for the most part were learned men, historically speaking, their knowledge of political and national history far exceeded the majority of ours today; they specifically studied democracies in all its possible forms, rejecting it, as history taught them that trail is a never ending wagon-wheel of dictatorial regimes.
Thus, our founders sought and created the one and only true revolution. How can I say this; what war for power was ever fought that did not throw out one leader but to install another one? Our revolution threw off monarchical chains and established a constitutional republic in which authority was rooted in the individual based on inalienable rights- inalienable, because they were noted as coming from a power beyond the reach of potential tyrants, the power of ‘nature and nature’s God.’
Democracy is a style of leadership and not a form of government; a concept the Brits still have not fully understood, not even the best of them, like Winston Churchill.
Federalism was newly formed by our founders as the only way to stop the cancer of nationalized “something-or-other” democracy. Unfortunately, Americans have lost this understanding.

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