Thursday, June 11, 2009

Please Mr. Obama, leave our Electoral College alone

Nat Hentoff , Senior Fellow, CATO Institute

Mr. Hentoff,

I posted an article yesterday on my blog that I wrote in haste as I was driving. This evening I looked it over and decided to see what I could find about the subject on the internet and up popped your article, "Still a Nation of Laws, Not Men?"

While I chose to name mine, "Rule of Law, or Rule of Men," and the contents are quite different, it is obvious we both had a similar inspiration; mine was instigated as I contemplate the inevitable appointment of Ms. Sotomayor. But yours is written so much better; I am a mere truck driver without a college degree. What I do have is a passion for our great country and a serious concern for where modern liberalism is taking us (It's not just Obama -- it is in the air everywhere Mr Hentoff).

The entitlement mentality, merged with some sort of slavery-regret, all fueled by economic nervousness and partially obscured by a daily barrage of doom-details from the alphabet-news outlets, has most people on overload and numb to what is happening. Do you think they will wake up in time??

Although I've posted articles on my blog about the importance of the Electoral College I am again working on another one. I fear the Electoral College is soon to be next on the butcher block, and I hope you agree it is a very integral tool necessary for the preservation of our constitutional republic.

Please, join me in working on this subject; most folks have no idea why the Electoral College was made a part of our Constitution. I find myself feeling a kind of panic these days, even though such feelings are not a part of my general makeup; I am truly worried the America we know and love will not be what the next generation experiences. I truly wish I had more to give. If you have any suggestions please let me know.

I'll be looking forward to reading more of your fine work.

Sincerely, Bruce Hedrick

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