Thursday, June 18, 2009

Moral Indignation or Relativism; Take Your Pick

So much to read, study, and render an opinion on; so much so that many of us private-party folks are on overload, AND THAT IS PART OF THE PROBLEM. When will we wake up?? Anyone?? Hello! The more distracting stories there are to cover, the less we see the real dastardly happenings while they steal our country –our republic—right out from under our noses
Is it just me, but you have to say “huh?,” and just hang your head, when a military officer gets scolded for saying “yes ma’am,” and/or “no ma’am” when addressing a SENIOR, as in a Congressperson (oops, I mean Congresswoman, I think?). But in this case < > it is clear who the real senior is.
I see this as another clear case of where the leftists/statists are wanting to go, politically speaking. All the rules are out the window because there is no moral base, which means no consistency, no common reasonableness to their thinking process, while all the “old white guys” are being frightened into compliance. Seriously, if that officer would have been a black man, you think Boxer would have scolded him? (And this too is part of the problem; if a white guy tries to stand up and say enough is enough, he is then labeled as a racist, a bigot, or perhaps .. well .. in time there will be something even worse defined by the statist because they have to have a horrible enemy in order to justify their daily condescending disgust and hate.
It is the absence of consistency by the leftist/statist, which allows them to change the rules in the middle of the game, show not a care in the world about the path they are taking, or who they are stepping on along the way. And right now they have a wonderful front-man in Obama who so easily toys with the emotions of the nation. It is almost now beyond words to explain the bigger picture, and other actions will soon be necessary.
Just one more short, but significant thing before I crawl back into my appropriate box: Of all the recent articles released by the CATO Institute, this one sticks out for me < >. Although the umpire comparison has a few flaws without a full explanation, as I read the article I was reminded of a point I made a few postings down, and that is the wording of the Preamble to our Constitution. Read it again, please. Indulge me, and pay attention to ESTABLISH, INSURE, PROVIDE, PROMOTE, and SECURE. Jefferson was a very eloquent writer, with a thorough command of the English language. ESTABLISH is a direct and involved action; INSURE is what an umpire does; PROVIDE is a direct and involved action, PROMOTE and SECURE are also what an umpire does. Please take careful note, like Jefferson did, of what subject each of these words is attached to. I am sure Mr. Rahn understands my point. Do you?

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