Monday, May 04, 2009


As I think about this subject, looks to me like this will be a short writing. That’s not because I’m afraid of saying too much or otherwise getting into trouble with the politically correct crowd, but because it seems so obvious to me- the trillions being added to our national debt as I write, the viciousness of the attacks from the far Left; there’s no way to look at what is happening from a systematic, intellectual perspective.
Further, I cannot digest the Republican spew that those on the left are simply ignorant and know nothing about history. If such were true, (most) all Historians would then be conservative, and they are not. If that were true (most) all of Higher Learning would be conservative, and they are not.
It would also mean that I should be liberal, since I come from a background of being anti-establishment, anti-authoritarian; a two-time excon, former drug addict, only mildly educated -- and close to the edge of financial collapse (which doesn’t mean much because I don’t have .. much).
So why this liberal takeover? Why is the gimmee-gimmee, entitlement mentality so rampant? Why are so many people so ungrateful for what they have, and so indifferent about where they get their desired booty? Why does there seem to be so little shame, and so little independence of spirit?
I believe it’s two-fold: decades of direct welfare, and a rebellion against restrictive, establishment religious values.
If I’m right, this is good news, because this is the formula for a fad.
Thank goodness. Now I can get some sleep; wake me in four years.

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