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One of my favorite political figures, Alan Keyes, was arrested during a protest at Notre Dame (you can look up the news details). While I cannot share his deeply held Christian views, I so wholeheartedly support his pro-life position.
Mr. Keyes has been my pick for President for many years, and I still hold that wish for him. And to reiterate previous writings, my agnostic beliefs are quite prevalent in my core makeup. My belief being agnostic in nature, consistency demands that I act on the side of life; any other position is disingenuous and inconsistent with being agnostic. Simply put- if one believes in the possibility of a God -- if one believes in the possibility of an after-life -- if one believes in the possibility of a spiritual element to life, then one must also accept the possibility of the existence of a soul.
I do not know what the truth is regarding this “war” humans have been waging over whose religion is the one true religion. In fact, there may be several “truths;” I don’t know. But I do know death is final for this physical world (Yes, I’ve ruled out reincarnation and a continued consciousness), and if I am to error in any politico/socio position, seems most logical to me to error on the side of life, for death cannot be reversed.
Further, if there is no God – no after-life – then none of what we toil with really amounts to much of a difference anyway; life will continue to evolve until it/we kill ourselves off, then the cycle eventually begins again. And, finally, of all the worlds’ religions, which I have studied to my satisfaction, I find the precepts of Christianity to be the most compelling. I arrived at this position after years of toil and pain with many (perceived) unanswered prayers as a lost and lonely child.
I reached the bottom of despair on a couple occasions in my young life, but something inside me would then thrust me back into a hopeful mode, expecting tomorrow to be a possible turning point. I believe that “something” is what we term “hope” and I also believe we will someday isolate a gene for it; mine is quite active.
It is that ONE THING that keeps us on our feet and forces us to run or fight in the face of danger; it’s the one thing that makes us desire propagation. It makes us eat green things, and allows us to stomach killing lower animals for needed protein. It’s that one thing that makes us, instinctively, protect our young, our mate -- and our property. No doubt, there is a survivor gene. In fact, I believe there is a series of survivor genes; some of us have more than others – I have the full bouquet.
With that said, I firmly believe life’s worthiness is directly connected to our ability to seek a purpose, whatever that purpose may be. Further, it is not the finding of that purpose that is most important, but the path we take in that search, for it is likely to be a fruitless search. But nevertheless, survivors will continue to seek it. We are destined to spend our life in that search, through interaction when we are young, and contemplation as we age.
Thus, with life mostly consisting of that search, and if spirituality is a possibility, we then (to be consistent) must accept certain rules to this game we call life; ala. morals. Such impediments are what allow us to tolerate each other and expect equal treatment, for everyone has an equal right to seek their truth, and to gather their tools for the job AND the journey.
And, again, with that said, logically, I have no right to my own existence if I don’t believe in another’s basic right to exist; this is self-evident. Further, who am I to decide who is to exist? Who am I to decide whose life will be worth any possible pain and suffering they may encounter? And, if I am to gather any respect for my own self, I must also then reflect that respect in order to reasonably expect it. This then clearly tells me there is something more important than my specific life; more important then the blood that flows through my heart. That something, which is also self-evident, would be the concept of life; if I belittle this concept by removing the possibility of spiritual precepts, I then also belittle myself and remove my most basic survivor trait – which I cannot because that same thing rages naturally inside me.
With all of this said, I have no choice but to error on the side of life; to respect and protect life itself, even at my own possible peril. If I choose to support abortion, I belittle my own existence. Therefore, I support the right to life, even at the potential of threatening the life of the mother, for propagation – naturally – is more important than singular duration.
Conclusion: All human life has a natural right to seek/pursue its own self-awareness; the level it attains is in the hands of Nature and Nature’s God. Meanwhile, I must then allow
“it” to exist in all its facets, whether I agree with it or approve of it, or even understand it. It is best said as:
“We hold these Truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these are life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.”
Thus, I find the right to life to be fundamental to my very existence. And, scientifically, there can be no doubt life begins at conception.
It is for this reason I find Mr. Obama’s support for abortion to be despicable and abhorrent. His belief in “choice” is flawed for all the above reasons, but also is fundamentally flawed because it destroys choice for the most vulnerable.
I cannot serve a master who supports the death of new life; such is illogical.

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