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[The Tea Party “revolt” and why I don’t get it,” article by Eric Torbenson (APR 13,2009) at] ::

This is it- the ultimate example of (from their standpoint) unbiased(?) reporting. IN MY OPINION, A COMPLETELY UNNEWSWORTHY article, empty - shallow – void of any depth or desire of writer to understand. Torbenson seems to have been in a first-stage thinking process when he decided to bang out some sort of attempt to meet his article quota. He claims to be neutral. HA! Well, I don't- I am a freedom loving American with an agenda-- Liberty.

He claims to “not get it” but then goes on to mumble about the Bush budget, the Bush bailout: this looks to be a normal “political writer’s” beginning stages of laying groundwork for a rough outline to BEGIN the research for a real article with substance; it ain’t hard to find the who, what, when and where of the upcoming April 15th event”S.” Typical for a left-biased reporter, Torbenson must add all the Bush poop he can scoop up, as a reminder to the general reader, as to who caused what and when. WE DON’T CARE, Mr. Torbenson, who caused what. We don’t care about the party in charge, whom/whatever that/it may be. We don’t care if it’s female, male, black, white, or a multi-sexed hybrid with pink blotches. What we do care about is results.

Torbenson also keeps his subject narrowed as most other “political writers” are doing, looking at the named Tea Parties through very narrow eyes, determining what is most obvious only to them; that these Parties are directly for the same purpose of the original Boston Tea Party. Truth is, Mr. Torbenson, there were several “Tea Parties” within days and weeks of the famous Boston Tea Party, all of which were held for various reasons (such as women’s rights), but all had one underlining meaning; liberty, Mr. Torbenson, Liberty.

Torbenson suggests, first, that we are living under the Bush budget; is that news to anyone? No. It just satisfies his leftist (reader) desire to kick a man while he’s down. He mentions the 700m bank bailout passed by Bush AND the current Congress, but fails to mention the trillions allocated since. Yes, Mr. Torbenson, we are upset about all of it: the lack of accountability in government, the lack of respect for our Constitution, and the total disregard for our posterity.

Secondly, who holds the meter deciding which economist is respectable? I suggest a small web research term, Mr. Torbenson: “economists against the bailout.” You will find heaps of economic professionals, including some you would otherwise worship who are professors at various universities. Their two-fold consensus, in general, tells me what my grand mother taught me a long time ago, the rule of holes: when you find yourself in a hole, stop digging. And on the other hand, they seem to be preaching patience; the kind that tells us to not go grocery shopping when hungry-- something we lost many decades ago. (Oh, and the bartering thing you mention; I suppose such would be pretty scary for those of you who merely push a pen for a living.)

Your third issue just needs a little tiny adjustment. You mention tax money going to foreign entity’s coffers. Isn’t that what Mr. Obama is doing?, paying for abortions (including partial birth) in foreign lands, and actually sending millions overseas for international bailouts. How about China buying our paper debt, then also taking some of our recently printed legal tender? Further, why is it that tax money “keeps us solvent?” – Why is government so closely integrated with the private sector? It shouldn’t be, and this is another reason for this protest, as it all comes to a head, Mr. Torbenson. Liberty. PS- I love paying proper, constitutional taxes, for the GENERAL welfare, as any thinking American does. But it is also our American responsibility to pay the least possible taxes- a concept that sent the pilgrims to America in the first place (unlike Biden’s ancestors). [For your reading enjoyment I suggest Mrs. Robins’ book, “The Governor’s Story,” which will take you on a learning-journey following the “voyage” of Governor Bradford’s manuscript.]

And still on your third point; do you really think 95% of working Americans are not going to pay more taxes? How stupid do you thing we are? – How stupid are you!? Corporate costs will be sent down the chain at the expense of the consumer. Energy costs will soon shoot sky high, Mr. Torbenson (60% of America’s electricity is generated by coal burning, an industry soon to be decimated). Relative to direct taxes, you might be right. But you have to understand most taxes are paid multiple times as they are passed up and down the money chain, making up the majority of what is actually paid – from the consumer’s pocket. And who do you think will get hit the hardest by the Obama plan? The rich will still be rich, paying, in percentage, the smallest amount towards energy, transportation, etc., and the poor could care less- they will see their welfare checks go up and up, while the middle class will get hit the hardest with cost-of-living adjustments sending many of us to the poor house. The overall effect will shrink the middle class, further dividing America into class warfare. The rich will continue to find deferments, the poor will still be buying their I-pods, and blackberries, funded by tax money through local, state, and federal programs, but the middle-folks are going to take it in the shorts, Mr. Torbenson.

Representation, you mention, Mr. Torbenson – You don’t think we have taxation without representation? Do you know a single senator or congressmen who read the omnibus stimulus bill before they voted on it? Even the one who is credited with its creation said under oath he did not read it. Is that representation? Your ignorance, your blindness, and your leftist bias, hangs out all over when you simplify anyone’s objection to paying taxes by suggesting a one-dimensional “on its face” approach to paying necessary taxes.

As you ask, let me help you, Mr. Torbenson. If you will lift your blinders for just a moment, and take a quick look around the internet, you will see what this is all about. At blackrepublican.blogspot you will find lots of info about this peaceful revolt. At taxdayteaparty you will find a really nice summary of what it is about at the very bottom of the home page, right side. And don’t forget about the “Horn Blow for Liberty,” Mr. Torbenson; another part of this peaceful revolt. Further, you can check out the rest of my blog to see what it’s all about- been festering for years, Mr. Torbenson; .

We the people understand that it is the nature of governments to plunder, and we also understand enough is enough. We understand our government –our democratic alter ego—was created under a Constitution, and must be held to those standards. If not so held, we are destined to tyranny. I believe in our republic, Mr. Torbenson, don’t you?

An unbiased historical perspective of the multi-tiered tea party movement way back when will give you a perspective of today’s peaceful revolt.

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