Wednesday, April 15, 2009

HERE COMES THE SPIN, Doctor Obama, I presume

Second Response- had a little time with this one: 10:00 P.M. EST
Yesterday, April 14, 2009, Mr. Obama gave a speech on a topic that (the Left hoped) seemed to be out-of-the-blue. The immediate response from the standard media was to reflect on his ominous words – to help solidify this subject as one so important to our smartest-ever President; to engrain, preemptively, that our greatest leader ever was way ahead of the game – caring for the little guy: the over-burdened, over-worked, under-appreciated and apparently confused, ninety-five percent’r, taxpayer. “For too long we’ve seen taxes used as a wedge to scare people into supporting policies that increased the burden on working people instead of helping them live their dreams,” he so stated so statesman-like.
Mr. Obama went on speaking of the people’s dreams, tax cuts, his promises to families, workers who deserve tax relief, more American dreams, affordable housing, and the finale of fuzzy, warm feelings- the raising of a family. “We are renewing our commitment to a simpler tax code that rewards work and the pursuit of the (again) American dream,” he stated so warmly and, again, so statesman-like.
Not a word from him about the upcoming protests scheduled for today. And, interestingly –taking a queue from their leader—the political writers (talking and writing leftists heads) who reported and discussed the Obama speech also made no mention of the scheduled protests, but merely elaborated and repeated more of the provided talking points Mr. Obama so graciously provided. Clearly Mr. Obama presented himself as a man of the people and made this terribly confusing subject something he wants to take off the chests and breasts of the people; a subject he hoped he could make his own.
But I knew immediately – as did many thousands of others—this was way too much of a coincidence; the day before Tea Party II. But what is it? What can he do with this speech to minimize tomorrow’s voice from being heard and heard loudly and clearly? I had no idea. However, I should have known.
Fast forward: April 15, 2009, 3:00 P.M. EST. Top of the hour AP news. News bit #1 covered the then-happening, aptly named, tea parties in which the demonstrators are showing their concern for the “complications” of our tax code(s), and secondarily, concerned about the growing tax burden. News bit #2 went immediately into a part of Mr. Obama’s speech from the day before. PROBLM SOLVED! The smartest-ever man to be president, fixed the people’s problem even BEFORE they complained; what a guy?!
Was this entire thing orchestrated? Was Obama’s speech, followed by the talking heads, all orchestrated in preparation for the protests? It’s not a stretch to figure it out. But the orchestration doesn’t stop there, I’m afraid. I think the speech and the following praise was all set up to be integrated with the news of the events so the leftist heads could not only down play the importance of the protests, but also insure what message resonated the most from the protests; rather than the overall message being one of Liberty, it was short-changed into a mere crying frenzy from idiots who don’t want to pay their taxes. Yea .. I’m figuring, as I did from the beginning, our President is in fact a pretty smart cookie. I just hope the people wake up in time to save the republic.
Heck, how can you save something if you don’t even know it exists?
Allow me to remind you of Patty. Patty was a 2nd year law student I met when I attended Pepperdine University back in 2002. “Hey Patty, what do you think about the Constitution guaranteeing a republican form of government to the people of the states?” “Oh,” she shuddered, “I think it would be so unfair for the Constitution to be so party partisan.”
The people always get the government they deserve. You want to know what you deserve? Check it out: Big Brother is running amuck spending money not yet earned, while Uncle Sam is hog-tied and gagged in the back closet. And Patty?, I wouldn’t be surprised to find her name today on the Whitehouse employee list.
Those of us who are in the know have a lot of work to do.


First Response -- off the cuff -- only moments to .. cry: 3:40 P.M. EST
Did you hear it? The AP News, top of the hour 3:00 P.M. EST, is spinning like never before! First news bit was a report on the “Tea Party tax protesters,” reporting on the many protests around the country where folks are protesting the “complications” of filing their taxes and voicing concerns over high taxation. The very next news bit cut right to our fearless leader, Mr. Obama, and a piece of his speech delivered the day before about how he has promised to fix the complications of filing taxes. That’s it. That was the report. Tea Party Up; tea party down. It’s all about the complication of filing our taxes. I knew the Obama speech on the 14th was going to play a pivitol role in today's events. It is a conspiracy -- do you hear? It was all planned to minimize our impact on the news cycle! Never before have I insinuated a conspiracy; I've thought it, but never written it -- until now. Wake UP!
Hey, AP- it’s about Liberty. It’s about constitutional restraint. It’s about saving our republic.ts about honesty in government AND honesty in the media too! I am so pissed. More later…………..

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