Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dirka Dirka


Who, I say, Who, wrote the stimulus bill? Right. It wasn’t our illustrious new President; the head monkeys over the congressional Houses wrote it. Now, don’t you think Sean Delonas –a political writer/cartoonist with some years of experience- would at least know who wrote the Bill? Heh? Isn’t it possible he came up with this cartoon in light of two current events, squeezed them together –for better or for worse—to broaden his form of communication to the onlooker?
And, how many times in the past 8+ years have our political writers (all/any journalists) referred to Mr. Bush as a monkey/Neanderthal/chimp/etc.? Isn’t it possible Sean simply is(was) beyond the ridiculous racist idea of a relationship between chimps and Blacks? Yea, I think so. The outrage caused by the screaming from the mountain tops of RACISM by the likes of Rev. Al The-Monkey-On-Our-Back Sharpton, would only be perceived as racist by one who is attuned to seeing things through racial eyes – and that would be the true racist in all this mumble-jumble. It’s way past time for “BB” Al to go find a real job that produces a real widget.
Besides, don’t the intellectual freaks insist we all came from one ancestor anyway? Give it a break Big Al; have you tried stand-up comedy? Oh yea, that’s where you came from, right? Raised by the late super cool King of Soul himself. Nuf said- By you, that is; I’m just getting started ..

What is a C(c)onservative? No, the dictionary definition simply cannot fit in here, nor anywhere else where a heated polar-political conversation is being conducted; all poli/definitions are always relative to the participants and their exposure/view/experience, their in-the-moment blood pressure, what part of the country they were raised, where (and if) they went to college, what their parents’ political views are/were, whether or not they believe in God AND if they allow themselves to insert the concept of Sovereignty into their political/legal/constitutional persuasion, and so on and so on.
It would be easy to generalize, concluding all those on the far Left would most likely refer to anyone who calls themselves a Republican, would be a conservative – and, on the flipside, those on the far Right would most likely refer to anyone who calls themselves a Democrat, would be a Liberal (YES I KNOW- FOR ALL YOU NEO-INTELLECTUAL ARISTOCRATIC ACADEMIA TYPES- GENERALLY SPEAKING, ALL GENERALITIES ARE ALWAYS WRONG!) But for us regular smart folks I have something for you to think about: Isn’t it prudent to interpret safety rules conservatively, rather than to merely use them as loose guidelines? A high-wire electrician would certainly understand that concept. Secondly, is it not prudent for leaders to lead by contemplative deliberation? <-- and which “camp” would such prudent behavior generally lay in? Wouldn’t that too be a sign of conservative values? Only a ship of fools is piloted by (you fill this in). -------------------------- HUH????????????CIVILIAN FORCE????????????????? Can someone please explain to me what a “Civilian National Security Force” is?? Please. I’ve tested out in excess of 140 I.Q., but The Great Grand Master Obama tends to babble well above my understanding(sic). What does he mean when he refers to our need for a civilian force that is equal in strength to our military? What does that mean? Help me! And what could it really mean if ordinary folks are not going to be able to own weapons at all? Please, help me understand. The clear meaning cannot be true, or can it? And what was the last country that put into place a paramilitary civilian force, then banned all guns from the regular folks, and, and killed six million Jews .. Oh my, Dear Leader Obama couldn’t possibly compare to .. No. I’m not going to go off the deep end- I will not say His Name. Please Nancy, help me find my PBS voice (and that laid back smirk too). Can’t we all just get along?? Hell No- Give me liberty or give me death! Oh what the heck, I’ll shut up for a cool one million in small unmarked T-notes, and I promise to not use one red cent for call girls and wild private parties with the BeeGees and misuse my over-sized military jet plane and ...! And "CHANGE" will be my new favorite word, too!

PS- Before I change my tennis shoes and go home, please allow me to recommend some homework: < >

PSS- I may be your neighbor, but it is my choice if I wish to be your Keeper. Are you my equal or not?? Question is – what are you going to do to earn it? And don’t even give me that reparations crap. Has anyone noticed Dear Leader Obama’s momma was Caucasian. Heck, I’m part North American Indian for goodness sake ..

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