Tuesday, June 01, 2010

A Ship of Fools?

To say that Islam is a religion of peace has context that too many of us don’t realize. From the perspective of most Westerners (particularly Americans) not familiar with Islam and the edicts of Mohammed’s Quranic Allah, our context is from the outside and we think of it suggesting an inclusive context, inclusive of all peoples, believers and non-believers (pagans). We give it context meaning a kind of acceptance for all forms of peaceable religions; a “live and let live” connotation that is all encompassing. But this is naïve and dangerous; naïve for the ordinary person, dangerous for our leaders.

John Brennan, White House Counterterrorism Advisor, stated from the Briefing Room a few days ago that jihad is a “legitimate tenet of Islam,” and that the term “jihadists” shouldn’t be used to describe the Muslims who carry out (Islam related) violence against Americans. Doesn’t he understand the logic in such a statement is dangerously flawed: -Jihad is a legitimate tenet of Islam, but those Muslims who carry out jihad should not be referred to as doing the work of the Quran’s God, Allah? (see: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2010/05/27/counterterror-adviser-defends-jihad-legitimate-tenet-islam/ )

In fact, the flaw goes even further: Islamist (Sharia) Law defines jihad as: “to war against non-Muslims, derived from the word mujahada, signifying warfare to establish the religion.” These guys are ordered by their own Sharia law to “fight all other peoples until they become Muslim.”

I agree that we should not overuse the term “radical Islam;” a “radical Christian” is one who has gone beyond the edicts of biblical teachings. But Sharia Law is foundational to the faith of all Islamists; those who follow the foundation of Islamist Law are not radicals, but fundamentalists, kind of like how the Quakers are fundamentalist Christians, but with very different results! Jihad itself is radical in our western view, but it is fundamental to Islam. In truth, those Muslims who live among us and are accepting of all religions, who live next door to atheists and Christians and Jews, and don’t act out with violence after knowing their neighbors have rejected Islam, are the real radicals.

Hello, Mr. Brennan, are you listening? What sector of America do you think you are fooling? What group of minions are you speaking to? Only the fools are fooled (Perhaps I am being a fool for publishing this, but we must not fear truth, for it is the only thing that will set us free!).

Holy Wars are ancient history to westerners, but not so with Fundamentalist Muslims. Sharia Law states that the “Caliph makes war upon Jews, Christians and Zoroastrians until they become Muslim or else pay the non-Muslim poll tax while being belittle.” There is no separation of powers between the religion of Islam and their political structure; no man-made institutions. Sharia Law continues with its orders/instructions to their faithful stating, “When the Caliph appoints a ruler upon a region that borders adjacent enemy (non-believers) lands, the believer shall undertake jihad against enemies, dividing the spoils of battle among combatants and other deserving recipients.” ("Combatants," yes, that's the correct interpretation according to the King's version.)

America, Mr. John Brennan, Mr. President, these orders are not of what use to be in history; Sharia Law is not equal to the commands of Joshua when he ordered the march around the walls of Jericho. Sharia Law is current and applies to all who seek Allah’s grace in hopes of a possible trip to Paradise. Christianity teaches us all to love thy neighbor unequivocally and without prejudice, AND there’s no tax to be paid by the non-Christian. The Quran has no equivalent to the Bible’s Two Great Commandments, not even close, as it is written to be exclusive and the Bible is written to be inclusive.

(Islam was a religion of peace, 1400 years ago as the people of Medina were friendly and accepting that others were allowed to not be a believer, they just kept to themselves. So what happened? Legend has it that Gabriel spoke and Sharia Law became the path to possible salvation. Look it up and learn what we are dealing with; find the four forms of Sharia Law and find out which one of the four your local neighborhood Muslim follows. If you sit on your laurels and wait for the Executive Administration to give you the truth, you’ll have to wait for the next one, if you live long enough.)

Some will tell you Sharia Law is meant to govern only those who Are Muslim, and it does not apply to non-believers, and this is true. But its teachings, as like those noted above, require Christians and other "pagans" to fortify themselves. Are we fortifying if we are pacifying? I suppose using Mr. Brennan’s logic the two are not necessarily mutually exclusive, if you are a fool.

WHY SHARIA LAW MUST BE OPPOSED: http://ntpi.org/html/whyoppose.html


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