Tuesday, June 29, 2010

High Court Supports Nationalism & Discrimination

Here’s a twist you won’t read anywhere else: In Christian Legal Society v. Martinez, the High Court has ruled against the people’s right to religious association. It has effectively laid the framework for a singular state-controlled religion (possibly leading to a religious-free society?). Though this may be an unintended consequence, it surely was not unforeseen. But is anyone talking about it? ACLU? ACLJ? Not yet they aren’t.

This ruling could not have gone any differently either. Since the perversion of the Constitution, removing it from its intended place of controlling the federal government by way of state government interactivity and placing it directly in the path of the individual, the High Court has no choice but to work its magic based on specialized association, and to apply that specialization to everyone equally- an impossible task.

While the publicly heralded reason for the 14th Amendment was a noble cause, there were far more deviant hopes for this Amendment then to just clarify the failings of the 13th Amendment. The 14th Amendment did more than damage control after the Civil War; it distinguished the Constitution as the one and only source of defining state citizenry- again, the stated purpose is noble, but its reach into the future laid the groundwork for toppling all state’s rights, perverting and minimizing the most important check and balance to the protection of each individual’s inalienable rights. It alone created an institutional Dynasty. And in that vein, the 14th Amendment was logically followed by the 17th Amendment, completing the process of subjugating the several states to a singular authority (ie., nullifying the 10th Amendment).

And now we have this distorted Court power chipping away (since 1953) at America’s Christian roots, in part, by attacking our natural-law right to assembly and free association. “Free Association? BRUCE, you’re nuts- the High Court just assured free association by confirming non-Christians must be allowed to join a Christian-based group!”


And now what will be the eventual outcome of applying government-led force in deciding who can lead a specific religious-led group? What will be the outcome of putting non-Christians in leadership positions within a Christian group? We are effectively replacing freedom to associate with an institutionalized privilege of free association. This is an attack on independent thought. It is an attack on like-minded people getting together and advancing their own mind and heart. It is an attack on each individual’s right to pursue their own liberty. It is an attack on personal and private thought. Yea, the thought police are already in your neighborhood.

Now you decide if I am the nut. To stop a religion from having and protecting its belief is discrimination. The nationalized government is reaching where it does not belong, and you could be next.

NOTE: Shameful and dangerous how stupidly we stumble through life hoping that someone else will protect our liberty. What about the nullification process, toppled by the High Court’s recent gun ruling? If you don't know how the two are related, then you still have a lot of homwork to do. I'm looking forward to the "cash for clunker's" program as it will take 95% of the Obama bumper stickers off the road.

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