Sunday, December 13, 2009

In Defense of My Country

Out of respect of my country and its military traditions, and, due to my unquenchable patriotism and desire to respect the office of the president, I will be abstaining from any further articles that shine a dull light on Mr. Obama and his revolutionary administration for the next 12 months. Why? I am in uniform, serving under President Obama, my Commander-in-Chief. I will say I am happy that the speech Mr. Obama gave at West point did not sound like all of his previous "campaign-trail-like" speeches; he sounded presidential and obviously did a considerable amount of research and even soul searching to reach the conclusions he so eloquently delivered to the cadets. While I have a problem with the related deadlines, I am supporting this war on terror -- this war for the peace of the world -- with my life.
Further, I am now only a day or so from arriving in Afghanistan (sitting in Kazakhstan waiting for snow to clear) and I will have so little time to stay up with the news as I concentrate on watching my own back and the backs of my fellow soldiers. All my energies shall be focused on completing the Commander's mission and ensuring everyone comes home with all their fingers and toes, God willing.
Please pray for the health and welfare of the 478th TC while they are deployed to Afghanistan. Hoooooah!
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