Monday, August 31, 2009


It is time for Hyphenated-Americans to become, American. Throw off the proverbial chains that bind your self-worth. Stand up, be that which you know you can be- equal to anyone no matter their race, religion, or nationality. STOP allowing leftist liberals to make a claim of your inferiority and your (perceived) need for special assistance.

Pride exuding from a healthy ego does not come from inaction, but from an action. It isn’t your birth that shines of pride; pride comes from demonstrative action, not from an act of nature. But nor should a lack of pride come from your birth; you are equal in birth to any other member of the human race, men and women fully in possession of all rights naturally endowed by Nature and Nature’s God with an equal ability to pursue life, to pursue liberty, and to pursue happiness.

Throw off your chains rebuking all those who may try to speak for you – speak for yourself as a worthy sovereign member of OUR American community. Embrace Americanism as a position of respect and equality among all the nations of this earth.

Do not allow naysayers to suck you into their whimsical political desires to use your emotions for their political or monetary advantage. Stand up and be proud of your worthiness as a productive, responsible citizen. Renounce those who try to put you into a convenient political box. You are an American man, who happens to be black, or brown, or black and brown; you are an American woman, who happens to be black, or brown, color was not your choice- but your heart is. Put the adjective where it belongs, behind you, the real you: you are a man, a woman, a human being, first- an equal member of the human race

Our souls have no color, no hierarchy. There are no dynasties or place of special birthing in the one true constitutional America. By nature – by our proclaimed natural law, from which our republic flows, we hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that YOU are endowed by YOUR creator with certain unalienable rights, that among these rights are the pursuit of Life, the pursuit of Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness, to YOUR degree that fulfills YOUR desires.

If we fail to take the next true step in our racial relations, liberalism shall take us all down. The philosophical changes, as voiced by President Obama and happening right now, fostered and fueled by para-intellectual, leftist, atheistic political desires, now threatens to destroy our -yours and mine- birthright to liberty.

Nationalistic and statist desires are playing on your fears. They are using you and your fears to destroy the greatest concept in governance ever devised on this earth. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country; your self-made entitlements are awaiting your participation within our republic. Rebuke extraordinary desirous privileges granted by special favor through a bloated, self-consuming socialist regime, privileges that only lead to the plundering and raping of your fellow American brethren, stealing from our collective sweat and blood. Demand "The Rule of Law" under federalism, not "The Rule of Man" under nationalism.

A trained-to-be-color-blind society is a doomed society. We need to acknowledge and revel in our differences, to accept our variations, not ignore them or deny them. But we must also get our priorities straight. You’re not “marked” as a hyphenated-whatever, unless YOU make that mark; we are marked by what we do, by our actions, our heart and character, individually.

BE NOT MARKED FOR THE CAUSE OF THE FALL OF THE GREATEST NATION EVER TO GRACE THIS EARTH. Learn what it means to be an American. Learn the differences between a national government and a federal government. Learn the importance of states rights and limited government. Learn why individual sovereignty is vital to our future, and why all of these concepts brought America from obscurity to greatness in record time. When you say racism is the problem, you put the power of your own future in someone else's hands; do not give a racist that power! Your life, your sovereignty, is yours to exercise in this great Land; don't cry it away playing the race card.

America is a young nation, and yet we are the leader in the world in all categories of human and natural rights. Why? Because our renowned classic philosophy of limited, "of by and for the people" concept delineating privileges to government, which flows FROM the individual, and not TO the individual. Governments do not bequeath rights; rights flow from Nature and Nature’s God.

This is your choice – it is now your burden, as the fate of America rests in your decision. You must now step up and decide: are you inferior and in need of special privileges; or superior and entitled to special favor at the expense of another race? Or, shall you consciously accept your place among society as a productive, engaged, willing, competitive patriotic American wholly capable and desirous of finding your own way --your own place-- in life as a proud responsible, adult American? You have that power, in your mind and heart- don't give it away.

How can you justify creating modern serfdom – modern legalized slavery; is this the legacy you choose? It is your choice. In the medium term you too will feel the heavy hand of totalitarianism, and the loss of your own soul. Don’t let the socializing agenda of the first self-proclaimed Black President be your contributory legacy to America.

I choose liberty and the stewardship of Uncle Sam, not the heavy handed control of Big Brother. I believe you are my equal, don’t you? I believe my thoughts and my soul answers only to my Creator; this too I hope for you, as a competent and equal human being – a member of my race; the human race.

From My Heart of Hearts, To The Depth of Your Soul, I Sincerely Proclaim The Above:: Bruce Hedrick, a man who just happens to be, American.


  1. Anonymous8:12 PM

    I'm a black man, born and raised in the USA. I'm well educated, self sufficient, gainfully employed, and I've never received a penny of government aid. Nor have I ever sought any. I earned my job, not because of a quota system, but because I was the best at what I do. I work hard, pay my taxes, support my family, eschew crime, attend church faithfully, disapprove of abortion, disapprove of excessive government interference in the personal lives of citizens, and I do a variety of civic work in my community. Friends and relatives tell me that given the entirety of my life and the scope of my personal and political philosophies, I am a "conservative," by every practical definition of the word. And yet, I read this blog post and find myself lumped in with deadbeats and unpatriotic Americans who happen to share a skin color with me, all because you fail to make a distinction between Americans like me....who happen to be black, and Americans who don't pull their weight...who happen to be black.

    So I'm left with questions and a little confusion. I really do believe you're sincere, based on the tone and passion of your writing. But your theories are a little flawed for a couple of reasons: First, by addressing Black Americans in your message and calling out their shortcomings you seem to assume that all black Americans are of a single mind, that all have failed to embrace the essence of Americanism, that all have succumbed to a victim mentality, and that all have somehow failed the "true American litmus test," and therefore must catch up with white people in that regard. If you really mean to help black Americans see the light, why not aim your message at those black Americans who are not pulling their weight? Why aim your message at all blacks...unless you believe we're all the same? Better yet, why not address your message to all unpatriotic Americans, regardless of skin color...unless, of course, you don't believe there are non-black unpatriotic Americans?

    The irony to me is that the points you make about patriotism are geat. But you seem to be of the mindset that only black Americans lack patriotism.

    Since liberalism and conservatism and Republican and Democratic politics were brought up, I gotta tell you there are plenty of black Americans who, like me, consider themselves to be conservatives. But as long as there are conservative (or should I say Republican?) standard bearers like yourself who lump us into the same pile of pity and/or disdain that has engulfed lazy, bad Americans who happen to be black, we will not fully embrace Republicanism, because we will not be fully convinced that people like you have the ability to look past our skin and into our hearts.

    I know plenty of white Americans who are liberal. I know plenty who are conservative. I don't address them as one and the same, because even though they share some physical characteristics they think and behave differently.

  2. I am happy to hear from you Mr. Anonymous, and I will give you my best answer asap.

  3. Anonymous8:25 AM

    I look forward to your response.


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