Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Please research THE CONCEPT OF LIFE

When I take a quick look on the internet with the search term "Concept of Life" I find many references to Islam, Budhism, Hinduism, and many (neo)intellectual writings about the future of genetics, bio-enginereeing, etc., but so little regarding good old-fashion western-style, judeo-christian, bibilcal values. I feel this issue is imparative to discuss and deeply aligned with classic, western/American constitutionalism, and apparently my next major project.
With that said, I challenge you to also research this subject, for it is of great importance to our republic -- yea, the one guaranteed in our Constitution. Modern, American liberalism, i.e statism, is abhord by the Concept of Life, as it puts human life on a plane above other animals; it actually demands that, if necesssary, one's singular life is expendable for a higher cause (as exemplified by giving one's life in battle to support the cause (the "cause" of liberty). While this concept is digestible for those of christianesk leanings, it is abhorant to a liberal atheist who figures this physical world is all there is to life. Statists fear their physical death more than they love or respect the continuation of life (examples would be the huge and growing national debt, their negative response to a standing army, and their desire to remove guns and other means' of "death," from society-at-large). The statist has no respect for those who believe, even those who believe in the possibility, in a spiritual side to life. Quite simply, not only do they fear those of us who suggest there IS a Concept of Life, they fear their own disbelief, which puts them on a very emotional tangent, in part, making today's volatile political climate understandable.
I beseech you to do some research on this subject and apply it to what we know about our Constitution. If your research takes you in the correct direction, our Constitution's reference to a republic, and the (proper) procedure of an Electoral College will make more sense to you.
AND! our liberty shall live happily ever after!
I will work on the story. Thanks for all your support.

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